Kids school lunchboxes


Iv’e spent a vast amount of time at uni learning about kids school lunches and developing resources and useful recipes for parents to use. Its a struggle finding things your kids will like, that are easy to make,and quick to prepare, as well as being nutritious and healthy. Iv’e put together this mini guide to help you and your family eat healthier and have better lunchboxes in 2015!



Get the ‘Packing a school lunchbox’ guide here

I will also be putting together a 20 minute video explaining the dietary requirements of kids, what counts as a serve size, healthy vs unhealthy options, and what a good lunchbox should look like.

There are also a number of great resources you can use for more inspiration for your kids school lunches:

Plus, there is this really cool interactive lunchbox game for kids to help educated them on what makes up a good lunchbox, and what is a bad lunchbox.

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