10 meals to prep this weekend

Uni starting, busy life, working heaps? Get prepping this weekend to ensure you eat healthy meals, regularly. These 10 meals are always on my go to list for prepping meals over the weekend, they stay fresh in the fridge, they are easy to reheat, and they retain all the flavour! Get prepping peeps! 1. Beetroot […]

The body love segments #1

I’m a big advocate for having a healthy body image, and self confidence, not just in women, but men as well. There are a multitude of reasons why at this point in time, the majority of us aren’t happy with our bodies, its cultural, religious, social, health, and has been hyped up by the media. […]

Pumpkin and Chicken Tagine with Cranberries

This recipe was created last week when I was searching for something with pumpkin and chicken in it, as it was my last day before buying groceries, those were the last two inspiring ingredients I had. However all I could find was recipes fro pumpkin and chicken curry-not exactly what I was after. Then I […]

Coffee choc beetroot cake with cashew coffee icing

I’m in love with the combination of chocolate, coffee and beetroot, its such an unexpected trio, but when mixed together in a cake, produces a beautiful, sweet and healthy result! This recipe is in collaboration with Yahava Koffeeworks, and is made with their Kintamani coffee. I pre-cooked the beetroot, so have not included that in […]

Banana, cacao and coffee smoothie

Need a quick way to get your coffee and brekkie in? Well here is the answer! The banana, cacao and coffee smoothier is full of nutrients, easy to whip up when you are in a rush, and will give you that energy boost you need until you have time for a proper meal. The banana […]

Raw salted caramel latte slice

Oh. My. God. This slice is just so heavenly! You have got to try it, honestly, I think this is the best thing I have ever made. In collaboration with Yahava Coffee, i’ve come up with a few coffee inspired recipes, which my raw salted caramel latte is the first. Its full of nuts, dates, […]

Rainbow quinoa tabouli

This one was a quick throw together recipe from a BBQ I attended last Friday at the in-law’s place, I was asked to make a quinoa salad, and there were some suggestions for other ingredients, so this is what I cam up with! Ended up being a hit, full of colour and nutrients. Definitely one […]

Raw cookie dough bites

This recipe is a simple, quick and tasty one, which was inspired by my good friend Tam when we were talking about the “Raw cakes” I posted on instagram a few days ago. It inspired me to create something that was reminiscent of eating raw cake batter or nibbling on some of the raw cookie […]

Chickpea and coriander veggie burger

I love summer, and I love creating new and exciting recipes to make on these hot evenings in Perth! I came up with this one a few months ago, and have been refining it ever since (recipe testing is so much fun because you get to taste ALL of your creations, lucky its usually pretty yummy!). […]

Pear, walnut and beetroot salad

Beetroot has to be one of my all time favourite root vegetables, it has a rich, earthy flavour, and is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It also makes a killer salad when roasted, alas i’ve come up with this hearty pear, walnut and beetroot salad, which is a great year round salad. It makes […]

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