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I live by a few simple food and Nutrition ideas:

  • Eat less packaged and processed food
  • Grow as much of your own food as possible
  • Move your body everyday
  • Be creative in the kitchen
  • Include more fruit and vegetables in your diet
  • Enjoy food-don’t make rules about what you can and can’t eat
  • Be present and mindful when eating
  • Teach your kids how to cook
  • Be kind and gentle with your body

Food shouldn’t be something we are afraid of or in battle with. Food is vital to our lives and to our well-being, it can help or hinder our health, and provides us with essentially everything we need to survive. Food is a way of communicating and celebrating our lives, its creates bond between families, makes friends of enemies, and heaps to find happiness everyday.

Your relationship with food is symbolic of the relationship you have with the people around you, and you can change how you feel about food, and about yourself by changing your mindset. Everything that goes into your body should be about nourishing yourself, and loving your body. Rather than mindlessly consuming food, eat with passion, enjoyment and happiness.

My passion of Nutrition is one that developed during my first year of Medicine at Auckland University in 2010. During this year I was stressed, unhealthy, didn’t exercise, and was the unhealthiest and most overweight I have ever been. The realization struck me that maybe medicine and our current health system wasn’t functioning at its best, and maybe that is what’s making us sick. So I quit medicine. I moved to Perth, and I re-thought about what I wanted to do with my life. However it was merely by chance I ended up studying nutrition, I wanted to carry on with my Bachelor of Health Sciences, and the only major I couldn’t choose later was nutrition. And I’m not one to pass up an opportunity, so I decided right then and there that this is where I was meant to be, and nutrition is what I was meant to be studying.

Fast forward 5 years, and I’ve finally completed my nutrition degree. Its an exciting and incredible time for me because I get to be able to get my qualification and begin to use all the information I have learnt about during my time at uni. Of course, there is more study, I will be begging my Masters of Dietetics in late 2016, and begging the next stage of my journey. Becoming a Dietitian will give me a more expanded qualification and allow me to give specific nutrition advice based on the fact food is medicine, and tailor it to individual needs.

That’s my story, and the reason I love nutrition so much is because I believe that by changing what we eat and how we think about food, we can take control of our health and live longer, healthier and happier lives. Nutrition is the science of learning how food affects our bodies, and facts are learnt through scientific research. There are so many elements to nutrition, which is why I get frustrated when people can call themselves Nutritionists after a simple online nutrition course. I have studied for 6 years and done numerous assignments and hundreds of hours of study into nutrition, and I know what i’m talking about. Of course I don’t know everything, because nutrition science is constantly changing, which is why it’s so confusing. My job is to take away the confusion, get rid of the fad diets and con jobs, look past what is ‘popular’ and hip in food trends right now, and get back to basics of nutrition and figure out what foods are going to work best in your body and what isn’t. 


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