Meal prepping

10 meals to prep this weekend

Uni starting, busy life, working heaps? Get prepping this weekend to ensure you eat healthy meals, regularly. These 10 meals are always on my go to list for prepping meals over the weekend, they stay fresh in the fridge, they are easy to reheat, and they retain all the flavour! Get prepping peeps!

1. Beetroot and Rosemary Beef burgers from Eat Drink Paleo


2. Gluten free Banana Bread from The Healthy Chef


3. Spicy Roast Pumpkin dip from Nutrilly Nutrition


 4. Vegetarian spiced cauliflower salad with pomegranate from Move Nourish Believe


5. Gluten free sweetcorn fritters from The Healthy Chef


6. Dark chocolate chia truffles from Nutrilly Nutrition


7. Coconut and tumeric chicken skewers from Optimal Health the Paleo way (Claire Yates)

Paleo_Free_Recipes_Pic_3 (1)

8. Sweet potato, kale and feta muffins from I Quit Sugar (Nicole Joy)


9. Mango, coconut and macadamia pops from The Nutrition Guru and The Chef


10. Rainbow quinoa tabouli from Nutrilly Nutrition




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