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5 tips for stress relief

Good morning!

So lately iv’e been feeling pretty antsy, stressed and anxious in relation to uni work, and exams. Iv’e decided to do a post on what I do to manage my stress levels. Stress is a horrible nasty thing for our bodies to have to deal with, it causes inflammation and affects everything from simply our blood pressure to our entire digestive system! The Wellness Guys do a great podcast outlining stress and how you can deal with it!

For me, stress affects me in so many different ways, I get moody, emotional, lazy, demanding, and just all around a little bit crazy. However after dealing with it around exam time for the last 3 years, i’m pretty good with dealing with it now, and managing it in a healthy way. Here are my 5 personal tips for dealing with stress:

1. ALWAYS take the time to do something you enjoy doing when you are stressing. You can either keep being stressed and having “no time” or you can just breathe, and spend a couple of hours doing something you love. For me its spending time gardening. Whether its pulling out weeds, watering my plants or just sitting with them (yes I sit with my plants), just taking 10 minutes out of my busy schedule to slow down really helps.

2. Find your outlet. When i’m really really stressed, I clean. Everything. But I find once I have cleaned everything, I am so much more calm! It really helps me to focus on small tasks rather than on big looming tasks that i’m stressing about. And its totally ok to do this, it much better to have an outlet for your stress rather than taking it out on the people you love. Another outlet for me is running. I like to take a big run to let it all out!

3. Yoga. I’m a really high energy person, which really escalates when i’m stressed, I think that i’m only being productive if I am constantly doing something, and doing it fast. This is when I need a tool to force me to slow down. And here is where yoga comes in. I use yoga as my primary stress relief, I am forced to slow down, breathe, stretch, focus and clear my mind. After a yoga session, I have completely de-stressed and can actually cope with the world around me. You don’t have to leave home either, yogaglo is a really great online website which has very professional and easy to follow classes.

4. Try different stress relief options. You may find something works better than what you are currently doing. Recently I have purchased some crystals, which are supposed to help with managing stress. I’m not completely convinced that they actually do anything, but i’m open to something which can help me to focus. I usually have lots of nervous energy when I am stressed, so I find myself fidgeting often, I use these pretty little rocks to help me focus my energy and attention. I brought:
Amethyst: Controls temperament by imparting a soothing, calming and tranquilizing influence, while clearing away unkind vibrations.
Agate: Agate stabilizes the aura, eliminating and transforming negative energies. Its cleansing effect is powerful at the physical and emotional levels.
Aventurine: Aids in cleaning body of stress, anxiety, fear and problems arising from these energies, bringing well being and emotional calm.

5. Talk with people. I find actually talking to people about how i’m feeling is so useful. I used to bottle it all up and not talk to anyone, trying to show a strong, independent front. However that all came crashing down when I would have emotional breakdowns every semester. So recently I have decided to tell people when I am feeling extra stressed, its amazing how people respond to being honest, and asking for help. I have to remember that the people who are around me and care for me, want to help, and are there to support me.

Don’t let your stress get the best of you! Do something about it!

Xx Britt


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