Hi I’m Britt, and this is Nutrilly Nutrition (Previously The Wellness Plate). I’m a university qualified Associate Nutritionist, who is passionate about empowering people to eat healthier, get mindful and love their bodies. I’m all about educating and supporting individuals, couples and families to improve their health, through wholefoods, gut health, intuitive eating, and looking after their bodies. Healthy eating is such a complex idea, and can’t be explained through one simple diet or super-food. Its individual, and has many components; from childhood nutrition, to psychology, and the impact of the media on body image.

As a Nutritionist I want to give you the most empowering and individual experience I can, I’m here to support and inspire you to make lifelong changes in your diet, so that you can do and achieve everything you want. My philosophy is that health begins with our gut, so I’m all about healing the gut first, then educating you about what foods to eat to support your life and nourish your body long-term. You WILL NOT find any fad diets here! 

My personal goal is to assist and support as many people as possible to change their lives through healthy eating, and allowing them to be the best versions of themselves. Through inspiring change in individuals and families, we can improve the health of the community, and therefore the health of the world. I’m not a fan of fad-diets, super-foods, or food trends, I believe in eating whole, fresh, local, high quality and minimally processed foods. I am dedicated to providing balanced, well researched and straight-forward information on all things food. 

My favourite quote EVER:

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I also believe in the many other aspects of health and wellness; mindfulness, social, movement, mood, self-confidence, relationships, finances, fulfillment, values, career, emotions, and so many other components. Its important to focus on every aspect of your life for health. 

I’m excited about starting a journey with you to better health and a more fufilling life!

Britt Smith BHS.c (Nut)
Associate Nutritionist

You can see my full food philosophy here. 

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    nutrition and exercise are vital


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