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Beautiful Breakfasts: Coconut and cherry chia pudding

If you haven’t heard of chia seeds by now, then you are either A. A man or B. Living in a cave (or both). Chia seeds are this great nutrient packed little wonder seed. They also have this great trait of puffing up and swelling when you soak them, which makes them great for puddings and jams. I like to prep a few of these a the beginning of my week and keep them in glass jars in the fridge-that way, when I’m in a rush to get out the door, I can just grab one on my way out!

So why are Chia seeds so great?

1. They have tonnes of omega 3, which is an essential fatty acid (our bodies need it, but can’t make it) and used in brain and heart functions. (However whatever you read, it still doesn’t beat salmon on the omega 3 front)

2. They are high in dietary fiber, which makes them useful for getting great digestions.

3. They contain 20% protein, however-you would have to eat buckets of it to get your full day’s amount of protein.

4. They contain 63% of our daily recommendation of calcium-if you eat 100 g that is. However, they would be a great way for vegans to increase their calcium intake!

5. They contain 83% of our daily recommendation of magnesium, which is vital for over 300 body processes! Again, this is per 100 g

Iv’e used coconut and cherry for this one, but you can just as easily add you own variations: Cacao and raspberry, Vanilla and almond, cinnamon and sultana, apple crumble-honestly just get creative with flavours!

3 Tbsp Chia seeds
~100mL Coconut water (I just filled my jar up)
1 tsp honey
1 Tbsp shredded coconut
3 Cherries (Squished and strained)
2 Cherries (for top)
Shredded coconut to top

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