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Pear, blueberry and coconut loaf

I had a number of pears that were getting very squishy in the fruit bowl, and they really needed some TLC, so iv’e come up with this tasty pear, blueberry and coconut loaf to use up old pears. I decided on blueberries as that what I had in my freezer! This one isn’t gluten free, […]

Coffee choc beetroot cake with cashew coffee icing

I’m in love with the combination of chocolate, coffee and beetroot, its such an unexpected trio, but when mixed together in a cake, produces a beautiful, sweet and healthy result! This recipe is in collaboration with Yahava Koffeeworks, and is made with their Kintamani coffee. I pre-cooked the beetroot, so have not included that in […]

Passionfruit mango granola

The hunt for a decent tasty muesli or granola to have for breakfast has been hard. Iv’e tried a variety of gluten free muesli’s and granola’s, with not one of them being completely amazing. So, I decided to create my own summery, light, fruity granola. Full of nuts, seeds, oats and fruit, this granola is […]

Gluten free choc chip oat cookies

Its been a terribly long time since i’ve had a warm, freshly baked cookie out of the oven, so I decided to come up with a low GI, gluten free, healthy cookie. This recipe is full of low GI oats, cacao nibs, dark chocolate and has minimal butter and sugar. The cookies are slightly crunchy […]

Gluten free cherry cake

My sister (who is a chef) has been staying with me in Perth for the last 2 1/2 weeks. Last week she found bulk cherries for $2 at my local family owned supermarket. So the race was on to figure out what to do with so many cherries-I mean we had about 2kg of cherries! […]

Pumpkin Pie Brownies

My first full recipe post! Which i’m very excited about-This recipe is inspired by winter, Halloween and wearing fuzzy socks when its cold. These Pumpkin Pie Brownies are completely Gluten, Wheat, Dairy and Sugar free, as well as Paleo! I’ve served mine with some sliced pear, and coconut cream with cinnamon, but they are perfectly […]