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Banana, cacao and coffee smoothie

Need a quick way to get your coffee and brekkie in? Well here is the answer! The banana, cacao and coffee smoothier is full of nutrients, easy to whip up when you are in a rush, and will give you that energy boost you need until you have time for a proper meal. The banana […]

Passionfruit mango granola

The hunt for a decent tasty muesli or granola to have for breakfast has been hard. Iv’e tried a variety of gluten free muesli’s and granola’s, with not one of them being completely amazing. So, I decided to create my own summery, light, fruity granola. Full of nuts, seeds, oats and fruit, this granola is […]

4 awesome egg recipes

I love eggs, with all their versatility and variety of nutrients. Eggs are nutrient rich and are a great addition to a healthy diet. Eggs are a source of at least 11 various vitamins and minerals, as well as having high quality protein, omega 3 and antioxidants. In particular eggs are a great source of […]

Gorgeous Granola

There is something deliciously rewarding about making your own tasty granola. I usually make a batch over the weekend to enjoy with my weekday smoothies, or with Greek yogurt and figs. I even have it on its own as a healthy snack during the day. Plus you can add your own preferences to make it […]

The most awesome green omelette

This morning I came up with this seriously amazing green omelette. I mean, its actually incredible! Above is my breakfast, it was a uni day, which means I won’t be having anything else until lunch-cue awesomely big breakfast! Ingredients: 1/2 cup spinach 2 eggs 3 tbsp cashews 1 tsp olive oil 50g feta, crumbled Salt […]

Feta and basil scrambled eggs

Since I have had a lack of breakfast recipe posts, I thought I would create this lovely version of regular scrambled eggs. Its the perfect Sunday morning breakfast, served with a piece of fresh sourdough bread! Ingredients: 4-6 eggs 1/2 cup milk (cows, almond, rice) Large handful of basil 100g Feta, chopped Salt and pepper […]