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Green pea risotto

As we move into the warmer months, my body starts craving warm, nourishing foods, and risotto’s are just perfect for this occasion. The rich, creamy flavour is one that lingers on your tastebuds, plus you can add almost any veggie to it to create a new and exciting recipe. Try roast pumpkin and cranberry, beetroot […]

Rainbow quinoa tabouli

This one was a quick throw together recipe from a BBQ I attended last Friday at the in-law’s place, I was asked to make a quinoa salad, and there were some suggestions for other ingredients, so this is what I cam up with! Ended up being a hit, full of colour and nutrients. Definitely one […]

Chickpea and coriander veggie burger

I love summer, and I love creating new and exciting recipes to make on these hot evenings in Perth! I came up with this one a few months ago, and have been refining it ever since (recipe testing is so much fun because you get to taste ALL of your creations, lucky its usually pretty yummy!). […]

Pear, walnut and beetroot salad

Beetroot has to be one of my all time favourite root vegetables, it has a rich, earthy flavour, and is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It also makes a killer salad when roasted, alas i’ve come up with this hearty pear, walnut and beetroot salad, which is a great year round salad. It makes […]

Babi guling: A Balinese recipe and holiday recap

Iv’e just arrived back from a 5 day holiday in Seminyak, Bali, and boy was it just what I needed! There was food, exploring, relaxing, massages, time with my man, more food, cocktails, monkeys, culture and jungle rain. The Indonesian food is just incredible, it’s spicy, full of flavour and exciting! Just to name a […]

Cumin spiced sweet potato fries

These bad boys are my go-to quick hungry fix. They are super nutrient dense, and the cumin and paprika give them a kick. Honestly, when i’m lurking in the kitchen trying to figure out what to eat, these are the best option. If you serve them with a quick green salad, and some grilled chicken, […]

Zucchini and corn fritters

So I’ve been making these gorgeous fritters for the past 6 months, every few weeks re-creating the recipe and altering it slightly. Its a favourite of mine for Sunday brunches, or quick go-to weeknight dinners. I love this recipe because it only takes a few minutes to throw together, and just takes 20 minutes in […]

Beef and mushroom Shepherd’s pie

This is one of my favourite winter recipes, which will one day be in my book (more on that in the future). Its packed full of veggies, and the beef is rich and tasty. Beef and mushroom Shepherd’s pie 500g Beef mince 4 Large Mushrooms, chopped 1 Large carrot, diced ½ medium zucchini, diced ½ […]

Feta, Oilve and tomato Cauliflower pizza

It was pizza night at The Wellness Plate! But that doesn’t have to mean unhealthy, fat laden, carb rich pizza. It can mean healthy and nourishing. Here’s my recipe for the BEST cauliflower pizza! Apologies about the terrible photo’s,it was night so…bad lighting 🙁 Base: 1 head cauliflower 1/2 cup chickpea flour 1 egg 1 […]

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