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Juices vs Smoothies

The age old debate; Juices or smoothies, and who wins the “healthiest” beverage title continues, from my point of view there is a clear winner. A juice is generally a beverage which contains the liquids from a fruit or vegetables, and in it’s best form, will come straight from fresh produce. However there are many […]

Pumpkin and Chicken Tagine with Cranberries

This recipe was created last week when I was searching for something with pumpkin and chicken in it, as it was my last day before buying groceries, those were the last two inspiring ingredients I had. However all I could find was recipes fro pumpkin and chicken curry-not exactly what I was after. Then I […]

Banana, cacao and coffee smoothie

Need a quick way to get your coffee and brekkie in? Well here is the answer! The banana, cacao and coffee smoothier is full of nutrients, easy to whip up when you are in a rush, and will give you that energy boost you need until you have time for a proper meal. The banana […]

Watermelon and Strawberry Slushie

I was browsing through my fridge yesterday looking for a beverage. I noticed I had a quarter of a watermelon that need to be used. Usually I would juice it. However I wasn’t really in the mood for a juice. So I decided instead to make a fruit slushie! It was super easy, and perfect […]