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Sugary soft drinks cause toxic fat?

I saw something today that made me so happy. It was something so incredible, I couldn’t believe I was seeing it. During my bike ride home from getting breakfast, I saw a plane with a banner. The banner said: “Sugary drinks can cause toxic fat”. And if you have been following Australia’s recent Live lighter […]

The ‘Health’care system

I have incredibly strong views on our worldwide healthcare system. Its crap. Honestly, at what point did we go so wrong? As a student that has been studying a degree in Health Science for the past 4 years, I have heard it all, and from all sides of the story. The whole thing is a […]

De-clutter your life

Spring for me, is my favorite time of year. Its a time of cleaning, cleansing and de-cluttering aspects of my life which are messy, or confusing. I like to start by physically de-cluttering. So this means, getting rid of things which I don’t need. I’m a compulsive collector of things, so I accumulate lots of […]

5 tips for stress relief

Good morning! So lately iv’e been feeling pretty antsy, stressed and anxious in relation to uni work, and exams. Iv’e decided to do a post on what I do to manage my stress levels. Stress is a horrible nasty thing for our bodies to have to deal with, it causes inflammation and affects everything from […]

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