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Juices vs Smoothies


The age old debate; Juices or smoothies, and who wins the “healthiest” beverage title continues, from my point of view there is a clear winner. A juice is generally a beverage which contains the liquids from a fruit or vegetables, and in it’s best form, will come straight from fresh produce. However there are many products on the shelves which are “juices” but have been processed and pulverized to an oblivion, containing very little actual nutrients. However, we will disregard these in the juice category, so for now we are talking about fresh raw juices straights from the fruit and vege. 

Juices are the water/liquid component of fresh fruit and vege, with popular juicing produce being oranges, apples, celery, carrot, lemon, ginger, watermelon, and kale. Now having juice from fresh produce is great, except when you consider the things juice doesn’t include. When we juice something we remove ALL the fibre, and with that much of the nutrients. We also are able to drink bucket loads more juice than we could eat the whole fruit and vege, which means we may be getting far more energy and sugar than we think. Imagine this: A juice can contain 2 oranges, an apples, 2 carrots, a piece of ginger and 2 sticks of celery, and only just be a whole glass. While this might seem a great way to get lots of fruit and vege, imagine actually eating all of that fruit and vege whole. Chances are you probably wouldn’t be able to. Fibre is something that keeps us full, feeds the good bacteria in our gut, and helps keep our digestion regular, without it we would have incredibly poor digestion (think constipation, diarrhea, bloating, excessive gas). We are doing an incredible disservice to whole foods by ridding them of their fibre. 

Now looking instead to the humble smoothie; nope, i’m not talking about that fancy chai matcha kale cinnamon banana and almond milk smoothie you saw on instagram last week. Or that crazy monster of a smoothie topped with pretzels and whole bars of chocolate. I’m talking about a simple banana, oat and spinach smoothie. We keep the fibre, so we stay full, our digestion stays regular, and we still get the benefits of all the nutrients and antioxidants from the fruit and vege. Plus you can get as creative as you like; chia seeds, zucchini, mango, almonds, linseed, strawberries, almond milk, walnuts…the list goes on. The are a pretty perfect meal in a cup. However we can get a little carried away with smoothies, and they can end up being just full of energy and not much else. Keep in mind to base them off fresh fruit and vege and not full of peanut butter and coconut milk. 

Check out this delish pear and vanilla smoothie over at Deliciously Ella!

So, in conclusion juices remove the fibre (=not so great) and smoothies keep it (=great!). But to be perfectly honest, labeling food as good or bad is just a recipe for disaster. A fresh juice is a great way to get a few serves of fruit and vege, and smoothies can be excessive and full of kilojoules. With all things, be sensible and eat in moderation. Just eat real food. Ok?



SPRING and other really exciting stuff

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It has been far too long since I have posted anything on The Wellness Plate, and I’m going to put that down to the fact I’ve been almost hibernating over the winter (and of course uni). However, its September the 1st, and that means time for some fresh new stuff, and to come out of hibernation. Of course, my body was telling me I needed to slow down and rest, I just didn’t realise it meant 3 months of rest 🙂 
Through what I have learnt in the past few years, I know that if my body is telling me to slow down-I need to listen. Stress, anxiety and sickness are part of my life as a uni student, and for the sake of my health and mental state its better that I slow down. If your body is giving you signs of breaking, then listen to it. Give it the space and time it needs to rest and recover, and if that means you need to focus on yourself for awhile, then that’s OK. Do what you need to do to be healthy and happy. For me that was taking time out to just relax. It meant reading books in bed all day, taking long walks with friends, eating (lots) of warming hearty food, watching endless movies and entire seasons of my favourite TV shows. And that is OK. 
However, now that I am feeling 100% again, my stress feels balanced, I have my routine back, and uni is well and truly under way for the semester, its time that I get back into writing, because its something I love to do, and if there is even one person that benefits from something I write, then its worth it. So here are 5 ways you can spring-clean your life:

1. De clutter stuff:

One of my favourite things about spring is the de-cluttering process, where it is literally out with the old in with the new. I always feel cleaner after I have cleared out some old junk, its kind of like I’m clearing emotional junk from my soul too. Plus you end up with a gorgeous cleaner home as well (and that’s always a good thing). So grab a few bags, and get sorting. Its such a great feeling giving your old things to charity, there might be someone out there looking for that exact item!

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2. De clutter your body:

Of course, Spring is the best time to detox or update your diet. I always like to go through a 6 week detox with my Naturopath during spring, but if that’s not your cup of tea you could always do a 3 day juice cleanse, or just start some new dietary habits. Things like trying to have veggies at every meal, or increasing your water intake are great simple ways you can clean up your diet. Pure glow cleanse have a great juice cleanse delivery service that is a fantastic way of pushing the reset button on your diet, just make sure you don’t stick to your old ways at the end, so have a new diet plan ready to go after you finish!

3: Plant a food producing garden:

Spring is a great time for heaving out all the weeds from your gardens and replanting plants that are going to produce food. There is something great about growing your own fruit and vegetables, and knowing that you can nourish and feed your body. Its also a great way to teach your kids where food comes from, and that the best kind of foods are ones that you can grow yourself. I planted up my garden this weekend, and I’m so proud of the results. There is a great edible gardening guide over at ABC Gardening

4. Try out new exercises: 

Now that the weather is warmer (Slightly) and there is more light in the morning, why not update your exercise regime (if you have one) and try out a new exercise. Or if you haven’t been doing any exercise over the winter, its a great time to start! And its not all about getting a “bikini body”. Exercise and movement is vital for our health, not to mention can improve your mood. If your exercise routine is a little rusty, why not set-up a walking routine with a friend, once a week go for a big walk, and get coffee after. You are much more likely to walk of there is another person relying on you. Plus you get to chat AND drink coffee! 

5. De clutter your health: 

What I mean by this, is make sure your body is in tip top condition. Go get a check up, make sure your heart is healthy, get your moles checked, get a blood test, get a Chiropractic check-up, go see a Naturopath about your hormones, visit your dentist, get a new diet plan from a Dietitian, sort out your immune system, get a massage, join a Gym, get a Personal Trainer, get some Reiki, try Acupuncture, or just simply be aware of how your body feels and what it needs right now. There is no time like the present to get your health in check, honestly for me my health is one of my top priorities, because without it, I wouldn’t be able to have the wonderful life that I have. Go and get your health sorted today!

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