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It has been far too long since I have posted anything on The Wellness Plate, and I’m going to put that down to the fact I’ve been almost hibernating over the winter (and of course uni). However, its September the 1st, and that means time for some fresh new stuff, and to come out of hibernation. Of course, my body was telling me I needed to slow down and rest, I just didn’t realise it meant 3 months of rest 🙂 
Through what I have learnt in the past few years, I know that if my body is telling me to slow down-I need to listen. Stress, anxiety and sickness are part of my life as a uni student, and for the sake of my health and mental state its better that I slow down. If your body is giving you signs of breaking, then listen to it. Give it the space and time it needs to rest and recover, and if that means you need to focus on yourself for awhile, then that’s OK. Do what you need to do to be healthy and happy. For me that was taking time out to just relax. It meant reading books in bed all day, taking long walks with friends, eating (lots) of warming hearty food, watching endless movies and entire seasons of my favourite TV shows. And that is OK. 
However, now that I am feeling 100% again, my stress feels balanced, I have my routine back, and uni is well and truly under way for the semester, its time that I get back into writing, because its something I love to do, and if there is even one person that benefits from something I write, then its worth it. So here are 5 ways you can spring-clean your life:

1. De clutter stuff:

One of my favourite things about spring is the de-cluttering process, where it is literally out with the old in with the new. I always feel cleaner after I have cleared out some old junk, its kind of like I’m clearing emotional junk from my soul too. Plus you end up with a gorgeous cleaner home as well (and that’s always a good thing). So grab a few bags, and get sorting. Its such a great feeling giving your old things to charity, there might be someone out there looking for that exact item!

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2. De clutter your body:

Of course, Spring is the best time to detox or update your diet. I always like to go through a 6 week detox with my Naturopath during spring, but if that’s not your cup of tea you could always do a 3 day juice cleanse, or just start some new dietary habits. Things like trying to have veggies at every meal, or increasing your water intake are great simple ways you can clean up your diet. Pure glow cleanse have a great juice cleanse delivery service that is a fantastic way of pushing the reset button on your diet, just make sure you don’t stick to your old ways at the end, so have a new diet plan ready to go after you finish!

3: Plant a food producing garden:

Spring is a great time for heaving out all the weeds from your gardens and replanting plants that are going to produce food. There is something great about growing your own fruit and vegetables, and knowing that you can nourish and feed your body. Its also a great way to teach your kids where food comes from, and that the best kind of foods are ones that you can grow yourself. I planted up my garden this weekend, and I’m so proud of the results. There is a great edible gardening guide over at ABC Gardening

4. Try out new exercises: 

Now that the weather is warmer (Slightly) and there is more light in the morning, why not update your exercise regime (if you have one) and try out a new exercise. Or if you haven’t been doing any exercise over the winter, its a great time to start! And its not all about getting a “bikini body”. Exercise and movement is vital for our health, not to mention can improve your mood. If your exercise routine is a little rusty, why not set-up a walking routine with a friend, once a week go for a big walk, and get coffee after. You are much more likely to walk of there is another person relying on you. Plus you get to chat AND drink coffee! 

5. De clutter your health: 

What I mean by this, is make sure your body is in tip top condition. Go get a check up, make sure your heart is healthy, get your moles checked, get a blood test, get a Chiropractic check-up, go see a Naturopath about your hormones, visit your dentist, get a new diet plan from a Dietitian, sort out your immune system, get a massage, join a Gym, get a Personal Trainer, get some Reiki, try Acupuncture, or just simply be aware of how your body feels and what it needs right now. There is no time like the present to get your health in check, honestly for me my health is one of my top priorities, because without it, I wouldn’t be able to have the wonderful life that I have. Go and get your health sorted today!

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5 steps to less food waste

We are all culprits of wasting food. Veggies that have gone soggy in the fridge, to simply making too much food. Its an easy thing to do, but the problem is that we are pouring money down the drain, and wasting the earth’s finite resources. The estimate is that Australia throws away around $8 billion dollars worth of food every year. A large amount of this is thrown away at the consumer level-in our homes, and the other part is at the farm/supplier level. If food looks “bad” then often it will get thrown away before it gets the chance to be sold. This food is still good to use, big chain supermarkets have trained us into thinking that fruit and veg should only be bought if it looks perfect, and anything else should be thrown away. We need to change our perfect ideals of what fruit and veggies should look like, because the produce that looks “bad” still has the exact same nutrients as its “perfect” counterparts.

So here are my 5 steps to less food waste:

1. Plan, purchase, prep:

If we plan our weekly menus, and purchase only what we need that week, we are far less likely to have food that goes to waste, especially if we have prepared dinners and lunches already. Making things like stews, curries and soups are a great way to prevent food wastage, because even if you make too much, it can be put in the freezer for another meal.

2. Don’t buy everything:

My nana grew up during the war, which means she hoarded EVERYTHING. But we really don’t have to do that now, food is always available, and we don’t have to worry about not having any. Unless you are adamant that there will be a zombie apocalypse or something, I think we are good. So when something is on special, don’t buy more than what you need, unless is a non-perishable item.

3. Store food properly

A large amount of food waste occurs because we a negligent with storage. We leave leftovers out, fruit and veggies aren’t kept cool, or food isn’t kept in sealed containers. Not only is this wasting food, its unsafe. All sorts of nasty bacteria can grow on food that isn’t stored safely.

4. Compost:

A way to get waste out of the landfills and into our gardens is to compost. I have found since starting composting, that I take much more notice as to what i’m throwing away. I can see how much of my fruit and veggies just get dumped because for whatever reason they aren’t edible. So instead I have become more aware of how much i’m wasting, and his includes non-food waste too. I now recycle more, and my normal rubbish bin only goes out every few weeks, sometimes only once a month.

5. Grow your own

One of the best ways I have found to reduce food wastage is to start growing your own. Once you realize how much time, love and effort it takes to grow food, you stop wasting it. For example one head of lettuce takes around 2-3 months to grow, after growing one yourself, those ‘bad leaves’ won’t look so bad after all.

I found this great info graphic that perfectly explains the situation:


Feta and basil scrambled eggs

Since I have had a lack of breakfast recipe posts, I thought I would create this lovely version of regular scrambled eggs. Its the perfect Sunday morning breakfast, served with a piece of fresh sourdough bread!


4-6 eggs
1/2 cup milk (cows, almond, rice)
Large handful of basil
100g Feta, chopped
Salt and pepper to taste
Coconut oil

Add coconut oil to fry pan and heat to medium-high. In a bowl, beat eggs, and add milk. Mix until combined, then add salt and pepper and mix again. Pour mix into pre-heated fry pan and leave to heat for a few minutes, then use spatula to move egg mix around in the pan. Don’t mix consistently, let the egg cook at the bottom, then move mix around until its almost cooked. Meanwhile, chop basil and feta, then add this to the almost cooked eggs. Mix more, the keep cooking until egg is fully solid. Serve on a slice of toasted sourdough with some fresh tomato.

I love my garden

I have made a goal to grow the majority of my own food. There is something wonderful about spending time with the earth, growing food, and then being able to nourish your body with beautiful, nutritious food. Once uni is finished for the semester, I plan on creating a few raised garden beds in my backyard, as well as developing a compost bin, and possibly a worm farm.

Currently I have a few select plants growing in pots by my front door, Mostly herbs, tomatoes, capsicum and beetroot. I took a couple of pictures because I love them so much!

Growing your own food, is like growing your own money, The more you grow, the less you have to spend on food, its really a win win. Plus spending time outside creating a connection with the earth is a great way to de-stress and have time for yourself. We create so much clutter in our lives, both physically and emotionally. Letting yourself be one with nature, and getting outside can help you to let go of that emotional clutter.
Even if you just grow a few herbs, let yourself spend time outside, planting and getting dirty.
Britt xx