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Surviving a Buffet: Your guide to Christmas parties

It’s the time of year when weekends are filled with Christmas related events: Family things, work Christmas parties, kids Christmas parties and Christmas events with friends. Sadly this also means huge amounts of unhealthy food. Generally Christmas means chips, dips, sausage rolls, sweets, pastries, meat, desserts, pudding, and all the trimmings. Nutritionally – not so […]

3 ways to have your healthiest Easter EVER!

Easter is a time of year where we all over indulge on our favorite chocolate treats, its hard not to with the endless supplies of branded Easter eggs everywhere. But honestly, what are we really celebrating? For me its a time of self awareness, family, and connecting with my spirituality. No, i’m not Christian, but […]

Hello happy!

Today is the United Nations International day of Happiness. The day was launched in 2012, and was developed because of the recognition that  the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal. Everyone wants to be happy, and the 3 components of global happiness were defined as social, economic and environmental well-being. I think thats […]

5 Tips for a healthy happy Christmas

Christmas can be such a stressful time of year, where we are worried about the food being ready, have we bought enough presents, will the kids fight? However if we think about what Christmas is really about-spending time with our loved ones and having fun, does it really matter if the food is a disaster? […]

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Hey! I’m getting really excited because Christmas is just around the corner, and exams are all over, which means I’m on holidays for 3 months! And for you guys, that means lots and lots and lots of blog posts full of recipes, nutrition information and cool stuff! I’ve started thinking about Christmas shopping, and what […]