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Stuff I heart # 3

Here’s the latest in stuff I heart, there has been a tonne of great new products and companies that II have discovered, and I’m excited to share that with you!

1. Making your own candles. 

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I’m awaiting a delivery of gorgeous candle making supplies, which i’m going to turn into some lovely soy pillar candles. I have a candle lit most evenings, and I just love the feel it gives to my house. I relate candles with warmth, spiritualism, awakening, calm, sensation, enlightening, slow movement and breath. They go perfectly with the evening wind down yoga session. 
I got my supplies from They have lots of great quality soy wax, as well as a huge range of scents. I also found this great tutorial over at move, nourish, believe on how to make your own natural soy candles. 

2. Chai Tea:


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During Winter, chai tea is my go to tea. I love it-with milk, without, with nut milk, with honey, and with absolutely nothing at all! It has such a glorious full flavour, and is super warming. I found this brilliant recipe for Coconut Chai Tea on the Hungry for Change site, its so creamy and has so many spices! If you have never tried chai tea before, I urge you to, its the perfect comfort drink during those cool winter days, as well as the nutritional benefits:
Cinnamon: Can help with immune function, muscle spasms, regulating blood sugar and reducing infections
Nutmeg: Can help with sleep, skin, digestive issues, antibacterial, and improving circulation
Cloves: Can help with respiratory issues, inflammation, toothache, digestion, and are also anti-fungal
Cardamom: Can help with mouth ulcers, digestion, depression, urinary tract issues, and immune system function
Ginger: Improving digestion, nausea relief, anti-inflammatory, headaches, immune function, and respiratory function
Licorice: reducing blood sugar, reducing inflammation, antiviral, and is a great antioxidant
So with all those wonderful spices, and array of health benefits, why not grab a cuppa!
3. Learning about crystals

I started using crystals a few months ago, and have a small collection now. Its one of my favourite things to go shopping for a new crystal, there are so many gorgeous shapes and colours-I find it hard to choose. But the best way I have found of choosing, is to just go with your intuition and pick the one that draws your attention, I also like to pick ones based on how they feel in my hands.

I love this gorgeous guide by Gala Darling on Crystals for Beginners. 

4. GoodnessMe Box


I love the whole craze at the moment with healthy “boxes” that are shipped straight to your door. There are so many to choose from though, and they all have such great products. One of my favourite ones is a new company that has just started. GoodnessMe box has some of my favorite brands including Loving Earth, Pukka, and Raw C  Nakula Coconut water. Plus they even have a Nutritionist (Melissa Fine) on board which is just awesome. I’m hoping someone will gift this to me for my birthday (Hint hint it’s on the 30th of May).

5. Botanical Beauty Co.

Being a kiwi, I love hearing about awesome little kiwi companies making gorgeous healthy products. Botanical Beauty Co is one of those companies. They have tonnes of gorgeous, natural and handmade products that are high quality, honest and natural. Founder Rachael Muollo, wanted to have a range of apothecary formula’s reminiscent of a by-gone era, without the chemical nasties of modern beauty products. I’m loving the solid perfumes and body butters. You can purchase the Botanical Beauty Co products from their website.


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Raw coconut bounty bites

So a treat I used to know and love are bounty bars. The coco-nutty goodness of those babies was a summer staple. But as I learnt more and more about nutrition, the less I wanted to eat them. So alas, I don’t eat bounty bars anymore. However, don’t fear! You can make them yourself super easily! It only takes 5 ingredients.

350g shredded coconut
1 vanilla bean
1 tbsp honey
2 tbsp coconut oil
100g dark chocolate

Put 250g of the coconut and the vanilla bean into a food processor, and process until it forms a smooth paste (this usually takes 5 – 8 mins on high speed). You may need to add the coconut oil here if it isn’t forming a paste easily. Once its blended add the honey and the coconut oil (if not already added) and blend again. Add remainder of coconut and mix with a spoon. Roll into small balls and place on a tray lined with baking paper. Put in the freezer until solid.

Melt dark chocolate on stove, then dip coconut bites into chocolate until covered (I use a fork for this, and let the extra chocolate drip off). Place back on tray and freeze until chocolate solidifies.

The only trick here, is to not eat them all at once-because they are pretty taste. You could make them even healthier by making your own raw chocolate to cover them.

Sunday meal prepping

Every Sunday I meal prep. Basically I spend a few hours organizing and preparing my meals for the week, and I know if I do it, my meals are always healthier, yummier, and easier to prepare. It means that I can relax about my meals, because if I get home late, I know that there is a convenient, healthy, home cooked meal waiting for me. This can be a fantastic thing to do if you have kids, you can even get them to help decide what to make, and to help make it.

It also saves me money. By pre-planning what you are going to eat for the week, you only buy what you need, rather than just getting whatever, and being left with food at the end of the week, or wasting it.
Here is my weekly meal plan:
Here’s what I made:
  • Paleo Granola from:

  • Sweet potato falafels from:
  • Lentil curry from:
  • Raw walnut and zucchini crakers from:
  • Brown rice patties from:
  • Banana Bread from:
  • Cous cous tabouli from:
  • Raw coconut bounty bites
My own recipe-to be uploaded to the blog soon!
If you need help with your meal prep-I’m totally happy to help! Just email me at [email protected] I’m also hoping to start offering meal prepping courses/classes. Would anyone be interested? Or possibly more intimate one on one sessions so you can grasp the concept of meal prepping!
Britt xx

Natural air freshner

Happy Friday!

My mum has become a bit of a pro at making her own natural handmade products, and i’m going to share with you one of her best recipes! Air fresheners generally have huge amounts of nasty chemicals in them, include some which may have a negative impact on your health. Over the last few years I have been gradually reducing the amount of chemicals I use in my house, and now I love making my own! There is something lovely about using a product that you have made yourself, and knowing exactly what it contains.

1 Small spray bottle
Distilled water
Bergamot oil
Coriander oil

In a small bowl mix 1 1/2 cups of water and 1/2 cup vodka, then add 30 drops of both essential oils. Mix well, then pour into small spray bottle.

You can use any combination of essential oils, but I really loved this combo!

Have fun with this mini weekend project <3