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Manifesting dreams: Creating a vision board


I recently finished my vision board while having a pretty lame sick day. It was a day full of bed, rest, tea and vitamin c. But I decided that there was no better time to sit down with my scissors and glue, and a couple of great mags, and complete my vision board. Its been sitting unfinished for 6 months, and maybe that has been why I’ve been feeling a little incomplete with my goals and dreams. I’ve been feeling like I’m not any closer to my dream of becoming a dietitian, and that I have no idea where I’m headed or what I’m supposed to be doing. But after completing my vision board, I feel slightly enlightened to stand back and look at what its telling me. 
I’ve noticed that I pick lots of pictures of food, inspiring big words, images of community, travel pictures, active lifestyle, natural products, and yoga. This all combined together helped me realised that I’m on exactly the path I need to be on. I’m heading towards and incredible career as a dietitian, inspiring and helping others, while contributing to the community. 
Dreams I’m manifesting and creating:

  1. Becoming a successful and inspiring dietitian
  2. Having a healthy food cafe/health food store
  3. Educating and empowering people to lead healthier lives (Becoming a wellness coach)
  4. Being part of developing my own community (starting a farmers market and community garden)
  5. Travelling to far off exotic lands to explore other cultures and envelop myself in human societies
  6. Own a beautiful home surrounded by trees and be able to grow my own food
  7. Collect lots of gorgeous antique furniture (because its always got a great history and story behind it)
  8. Becoming a practising yoga instructor
  9. Create a recipe book full of nourishing healthy food for humans
  10. Getting married to the love of my life
So if you haven’t already made your own vision board, get to it and start making your dreams happen!

How to create a vision board (watermelon style):

What dreams are you manifesting at the moment? I would LOVE to hear below! Sharing them and asking the universe for them will help you make your dreams happen. 


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10 inspirational women

Today in the health and wellness industry, there are so many incredible and inspiration women. These women have motivated and inspired me to be on the path I am today, and without knowing it, every one of them have had a huge impact on my life, and the way I view myself. 
I’m not one to be inspired by celebrities, instead I am inspired by strong, intelligent, and brilliant women. In no particular order, here are the 10 women I am most inspired by:

Jess Ainscough (aka: The Wellness Warrior):

Jess Ainscough was one of the first wellness blogs I started reading when I began my journey a few years ago. She has been through a huge battle with cancer, and has come out the other side with an incredible story to tell, and a complete change in her lifestyle. She went from being a party girl, to being one of the most genuine, knowledgeable and inspirational figures in the industry. 

I’ve read her book, and Jess’ story is one to be read-the lessons she has learnt are ones she doesn’t want anyone else to have to learn the way she did. Jess believes that wellness isn’t a destination, but an ongoing relationship with your own body. A loving relationship, built on kindness & respect. And that’s a message I would love everyone to understand. 
You can read more about Jess over at her website: The Wellness Warrior

Dr. Libby Weaver:

Dr Libby is at the forefront of women’s health. She is a Nutritional Biochemist, and has published an array of best-selling books. I love how Dr Libby is able to take her huge amount of scientific research and turn it into exciting and easily understood ideas for the general public.
Recently I watched a TED talk Dr Libby did on women’s health, and the change from cave-woman times, to the modern day women. She explained how our biochemistry hasn’t changed in that time, and so our busy nature, and multitasking, is ruining our health. She explains how our bodies believe that we are in danger, and that when we slow down, and allow our bodies to be calm and present, we can be our healthiest selves. 
Dr Libby is such an inspiration and I would LOVE to one day be just as inspirational as her. You can read more about Dr Libby over at her website: Dr Libby, and you can watch her TED talk here.

Miranda Kerr:

Miranda Kerr is such a gorgeous soul, and her books have inspired me to love who I am. Being a model, she is in the spotlight everyday, but she has kept true to herself, and is a huge health advocate. She is such a great role model for women, and the words she writes in her books resonate with that. 
I just love picking up “Treasure yourself” and randomly picking a page and using the wisdom from that to empower my day. Every time I am feeling down, I can pick up her book and find some true and inspiring words. In a world where image drives everything, Miranda has used her beauty to create happiness for others, and I think that is totally amazing. There are too many celebrities that are terrible role models, but Miranda is just not one of them. 
You can learn more about Miranda at her website: Miranda Kerr, but I would advise you to get a copy of one of her books, they are empowering and inspiring. 

Emily Ehlers:

I have had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Emily Ehlers, and she is just awesome! Emily is a lifestyle coach, writer and mother, and spend her days helping and supporting women to be the best versions of themselves. She helps women to rediscover health and happiness, and I would love to one day be doing the same! And she does all this while being mum to Lucy (how cute is she!). 
Emily also helped me to connect with all the other like-minded souls in Perth through a gorgeous networking event last year, and I am eternally grateful for that, as it has given me the courage to be genuine and present in my blog writing, knowing there is a huge support network in my community. 
To get to know Emily, go over and have a read of her blog: Emily Ehlers

Dr Amanda Devine:

Dr Amanda Devine has been a huge part of my Nutrition studies, and has inspired me with her passion and knowledge of nutrition. Amanda has been researching bone and calcium disorders for 20 years, and I had the privilege of doing some work experience with this research. 
I just love how passionate Amanda is about her work, and the time and effort she gives to sharing her knowledge. You can read some of the articles Amanda has contributed to here: How Schools are urged to grow community gardens and How humans really are what they eat.

Lola Berry:

Lola Berry is a leading Australian Nutritionist, a yoga instructor, and writer. I love Lola’s genuine love for health and well-being, and how every aspect of her life is surrounded in wellness! She has a huge passion for creating good, nourishing food, and has written some amazing books. Find out more about Lola here. 

Claire Yates:

Claire is another incredible soul I have had the pleasure of meeting. Claire is in my dream job, a Nutritionist who blogs, writes books and inspires others to lead a healthier life. Her path has inspired me to step out of the box and change my view on Nutrition and Wellness. Her book, Optimal Health the Paleo way is fantastic (You can read my review here), and is an easy way to figure out the Paleo diet and why it works. 
Claire is changing the way people think about the Paleo diet, using scientific evidence and sound Nutrition knowledge. It all just makes sense. To learn more about Claire, visit her website. 


Zooey Deshanel: 

Now, I know Zooey is a celeb, but she is one of the celebs I am actually inspired by. She’s funny, genuine, authentic and is totally self aware. Its cool that there are still some celebs that arn’t self obessed perfectionists. Zooey helped to found the site,

“HelloGiggles is a positive online community for women (although men are always welcome!) covering DIY and crafting projects, beauty, friendship, sex & relationships, pop culture, pets, television & movies, nostalgia, fandom, tips on savvy and stylish living meant to inspire a smile”

And I think anyone that is inspiring women to live a life full of that, is pretty awesome. 

Dr. Gillian McKeith:

Dr Gillian McKeith’s book “You are what you eat” was the first nutrition/healthy cookbook that I picked up. I would have been about 12/13 and it just completely changed the way I viewed health. Of course, at that stage I was still an image obsessed pre-teen, but it did start my journey to where I am today. And after watching her TV show, I was further inspired to be healthy. And that was when I started going into health food stores, and trying different foods that people thought were weird. I thank her for her abrupt discussions on food, and scare tactics. Its a totally legit method of getting people t change their habits. Visit Dr Gillian’s website here. 

Jo Tastula:

Jo Tastula is a yoga teacher, but her classes are online. I have never actually met her, or spoken to her, but she is the best yoga teacher I have ever had. She has this amazing calm energy about her, and is such an inspiration. I would love to one day be at one of her real-life classes. Without her knowing she has helped me to get passionate about yoga, and inspired me to make it a habit, not just something I do occasionally. Find more about Jo Here.
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Stuff I Heart (Previously Five friday favourites)

Hello lovelies!

Happy Friday! I have decided to rename five Friday favourites to stuff I heart. Here is my roundup of stuff I heart from the interwebs 🙂

1. This video on what the world eats for breakfast. Its very enlightening to see just how unbalanced breakfast is worldwide. Most of the countries included had some form of refined carbohydrate for breakfast, and not many nutritious fruit and vegetables. Most countries also had processed meat products as well. The Indian, Brazilian, Egyptian and Swedish meals were the better ones, but still didn’t contain many fruit and vegetables.

2. This quote: I think its important to remember not to judge ourselves an assign crude labels to what we think we are.

3. Smoothie bowls. They are great, like sweet breakfast soup. And you can top them with all sorts of yummy goodies! Iv’e done mine with frozen blueberries, banana and greek yoghurt, topped with granola!

Image from:
Here are some great smoothie bowl recipe inspirations:
4. The 100 Happy Days challenge! I decided to embark on this challenge today, after learning all about the United Nation’s International day of Happiness Yesterday. So continuing with that theme, I will be posting a pic everyday on my Instagram page, of something that makes me happy. Today, I chose my gorgeous puppy dog Jaffa. His everlasting excitement to see me brightens everyday <3

Have you found anything exciting, interesting or inspiring on the interwebs lately. I would LOVE to hear what you guys have found!

18 healthy green recipes to try this weekend

Its only a few days till St Patrick’s day-and how better to celebrate than with all things green!

Here are a few recipe ideas for the green lover in you:



1. Green Eggs from Elena’s Pantry

2. Green Breakfast Bowl from Green Kitchen Stories

3. Lemon Frittata with Leek and Goats Cheese from The Kitchn

4. Green Pancakes from Choosing Raw

5. Almond flour Zucchini bread from Against All Grain

Lunch and Dinner:


6. Power Green Salad from The Sprouted Kitchen

7. Super Healthy Green Soup from Queen of Quinoa

8. Green Falafel from Food Wanderings
9. Green Pea and spinach risotto from The Healthy chef
10. Thai Green Curry from Not Quite Nigella

Snacks and Drinks:

11. Green Hummus from I Quit Sugar

12. Rocket Basil Pesto from Eat Drink Paleo

13. Power Green smoothie from Mind Body Green

14. Green Tea Latte from Just One Cookbook

15. Baked Kale Chips from Nom Nom Paleo

16. Lime, Ginger and Coconut Smoothie from The Healthy Foodie


17. Avocado Ice cream from All Among Friends

18. Lemon and Lime Coconut Cheesecake from This Rawsome Vegan Life

And the guys from The Green Smoothie Co have this great green smoothie ebook free on their website. Check it out!

Can you change the world?

If you are living in Western Australia, or possible just Australia, you may have seen the recent Live lighter campaign. I have taken an interest into this particular campaign, just because I have personally noticed it a lot over the past year. The campaign uses shocking images of ‘toxic fat’ and ‘grabbable guts’ in the same way that public health campaigns shocked us into stopping smoking. But is the use of fear tactics to promote health the only way we can make any positive chances to our health? This year I will be undertaking a (very) small health research project looking at the impact this campaign has had on our health habits, especially the habits of university students.

Which searching for literature I found this article from the conversation on the new campaign.

I had a read, and it brings about some very good points about the campaign, and some thoughts that I hadn’t had about some of the issues. Considering the current state of our health, and the lack of change that we have seen with past health promotion campaigns, isn’t it time we shocked the general public into changing their habits? It worked well for the prevalence of smoking in the last 20 years, but will the same tactic work for our food choices? Or will it just be another message that is forgotten?

I know from experience that when we come from a place of fear, only negative outcomes can occur. For example, people who are angry and frustrated are coming from a place of fear-like a bully who has self-confidence issues. So if we are promoting health from a place of fear, how are we going to change peoples behaviors for the long term? Or are we so deep into this obesity epidemic that the only way out is through fear?

The article above notes that fear tactics can work for short term changes, however don’t have much of an impact on long term changes. This is the same as diets in general. All of the fad diets, detoxes, plans, and current trends are not going to change anything long term-buying that recipe book just isn’t going to make the difference. The difference also isn’t being made by the government currently. And the truth is we are a product of our environment. The reason we are all overweight is not because we are’lazy’ or ‘genes’ or any other personal reasons. We are simply products of the environments in which we grew up. If our parents never cooked, then how are we supposed to learn? If we ate processed foods throughout childhood, and had access to fast food then of course we are going to eat them, and of course we are going to be obese.

The reason I bring this up, is because we (health advocates, health foodies, my readers) are already here, we already know about health, we are reading about nutrition everyday, we live and breath health. But as a community are we doing enough to help others to get to where we are? We have our friends, associates and networks of health-minded individuals that collectively will have more knowledge and understanding of real health than most health practitioners. So why haven’t we decided to stand up together and change the lives of the people around us. There are hundreds and thousands of people we can influence to help change their behaviors.

There are only two way in which I can see we are going to change this: 1. By joining forces as communities and groups to change the physical environments in which we live, and to teach each others how to change the habits of themselves and their families, and 2. by making a huge social change towards wholefoods, organic, and local. The saying goes that you make a vote for the world you want to live in with every dollar you spend. So if we are spending our votes on cheap, unsustainable fast foods and mass produced meat and produce, then the world will continue to turn in the way it is now.

Or we can vote to support the local farmers, producers, health advocates, small businesses and friends. We can make simple changes to our lives, which will in turn influence the lives of those around us. I ask every one of my readers to make this vote.

Wow, I really didn’t expect this post to end up where it has, but ill just let it be what it is.

Please voice your opinions below, I would love to start this conversation on The Wellness Plate, because I think it is the most important social change our generation will make.

Sunday meal prepping

Every Sunday I meal prep. Basically I spend a few hours organizing and preparing my meals for the week, and I know if I do it, my meals are always healthier, yummier, and easier to prepare. It means that I can relax about my meals, because if I get home late, I know that there is a convenient, healthy, home cooked meal waiting for me. This can be a fantastic thing to do if you have kids, you can even get them to help decide what to make, and to help make it.

It also saves me money. By pre-planning what you are going to eat for the week, you only buy what you need, rather than just getting whatever, and being left with food at the end of the week, or wasting it.
Here is my weekly meal plan:
Here’s what I made:
  • Paleo Granola from:

  • Sweet potato falafels from:
  • Lentil curry from:
  • Raw walnut and zucchini crakers from:
  • Brown rice patties from:
  • Banana Bread from:
  • Cous cous tabouli from:
  • Raw coconut bounty bites
My own recipe-to be uploaded to the blog soon!
If you need help with your meal prep-I’m totally happy to help! Just email me at [email protected] I’m also hoping to start offering meal prepping courses/classes. Would anyone be interested? Or possibly more intimate one on one sessions so you can grasp the concept of meal prepping!
Britt xx


I have something to confess. My blog writing has been coming from a place of fear and I have not been present with you. That’s right, and I feel you all have a right to know. I went along to the wellness warrior tour with Jess Ainsough last night, and it was beautiful, incredible and such a magical and inspiring evening. But one of the themes was presence.

For me, I have done a little bit of self development, and often the main theme is being present. What does that even mean? Well I discovered the meaning while I was in the middle of the New Zealand bush a few years ago. As part of a self development course I had to spend 3 days in the bush by myself. And I found that it was hard to be present with myself. The first day, I hated it, and I just wanted someone to talk to. But on the second day, I started journaling and meditating, and thinking. It was amazing what I learn about myself over those 3 days. I learn to be present with myself. To enjoy my own company.

“The only moment that exists is right now”

On another self development course, I learnt that the only moment that exists is right now. So I try to live my life by that mantra, but its a really hard thing to do. So lately I have found myself living into the future, and letting fear of the unknown dictate my actions and my writing. For this I apologize. But there is a lesson to be learnt from this, and that is that the ONE thing that helps me to be living in the present moment, is yoga and meditation.

When I woke up this morning, I felt so uninspired. I was grumpy, snappy, negative and judgmental of myself, and everyone else. I did a short 30 minute yoga session with 5 minutes of meditation, and BAM! I’m living in the now again.

So I would love you to get a couple of things from this post:
1. Are you living in the present moment, or are you stuck in the past or future?
2. Find your way to start living in the present.
3. Being present is about……?

The last question I would love for you to answer yourself. For me, living in the present means I listen to others, I am totally attentive, I enjoy each moment, I am carefree, I am happy, and I can freely love and express myself. It also means I am free of fear.

Xx Britt

My relationship with food

This one is a very personal story, and one that I have not shared with many other souls. The reason I have not really shared it, is because I am ashamed of how my brain deals with food. And the fact I am still dealing with his today.

This is my story of how I battled with Anorexia and Bulimia.

When I was younger, I was thin. Not abnormally thin, but defiantly on the lower spectrum for girls my age. I had pride in my body weight. I loved the fact I could go into any store and find something that fitted. However, I was prone to jealously, and compared myself to the girls on magazines. It was at the same time boys came onto the scene. So looking good was the most important thing in my life. To top this off I was an utter perfectionist, so getting my body ‘perfect’ was the goal.

Of course, I now know that there is no ‘perfect’ it doesn’t exist. But try telling that to an impressionable 14 year old. I compared myself to my gorgeous friends everyday. And everyday I wasn’t good enough. They were all amazingly beautiful, and who was I to be friends with them. I was fat, and ugly and this is how my thoughts went everyday. It was ultimately destructive and killed all my self esteem. So I pushed myself in other areas, I pushed myself to study harder, eat less, work out more. I got obsessed. And this is where it took a turn.

I discovered the pro-ana sites. And most days I would prowl these site for the inspiration I needed to stop eating. And gradually I forced myself to turn away from food. I would of course, hide it from everyone. I never ate breakfast-being one of 4 kids, no-one noticed. I took lunch, but it just got thrown in the bin. And then dinner time. I would sometimes eat dinner with the family, then go to the bathroom and throw it up. My other ploy was to take my dinner to my bedroom and say I has study to do, then throw it all out. I got very good at this little game.

Over time I got thinner and thinner, and more obsessed with food. I was counting calories, and exercising the ones that I ate off. I was very depressed and found myself thinking suicidal thoughts often. It was a sad existence. I hated my life, even though I was doing very well at school, it was never enough for my perfect ideal of my life. I would cut myself and hurt myself. Then there was the rebellion. Where I snuck out, went out partying, doing things a 15 year old should not be doing. I got myself in some pretty scary situations.

At one point O got down to about 45kgs, which although is not totally anorexic, but I was heading that way. On a sad path to self hate, and full blown anorexia.

One day however, I can’t remember why, but I reached out. To one of my oldest friends. And we talked. And somehow, she changed my mind. That conversation (although she might not know this) completely changed how I dealt with my issues. And to this day I am grateful that she took the time to talk and to listen. After that something changed. I started eating again. It took a long time, but I put the past out of my mind and started to enjoy life again.

Over the past 7 years I have gradually learnt to love my body. For all its quirks and curves. It it mine, and its my temple. The way girls grow up these days, its no wonder that they develop this awful self hate, and low self esteem. With our mothers dieting, and teaching us how to battle with our bodies. The magazines we read, the shows we watch, and the music we listen to plays a role in how we develop. For me I went to hell and back.

After it all happened I put on weight, and since then I have been battling to gt it off again. I have dieted and dieted and tried everything And even though I know and understand now, I still have those thoughts in the very dark places in my mind. Its a hard thing to battle. But through my obsession with food I have created a career and a passion. I have turned something very dark into my life and my love. And my goal is to help others to learn to change their hurtful relationship with food, into a real love for food, and for their bodies.

I was lucky. I got help. Not from a professional, but from someone I trusted, and someone who would listen. There are many girls out there who won’t get help. They, unfortunately will die. And its not just the anorexic girls, its the girls who are overweight. In our society we breed girls who battle and hate their bodies. Its time we change that. As role models for these girls, we can only show them to love their bodies, and nourish them with good food. To learn to love themselves, and to learn to love each other.

Xx Britt

Ultimate summer shopping list

Ever wondered what a healthy pantry looks like? And what exactly should you put on your shopping list? I really pride myself on having a healthy trolley at the end of my grocery shop, so much so that I get weird looks at the 3 bunches of kale, and huge pile of lettuce. So, here is my ultimate summer shopping list!

The reason I have named it ‘summer’ shopping list, is because my diet changes with the seasons. And of course, so does the food that available. In summer my diet is full of lots of lovely salads and fruit, whereas in winter its more hearty soups, stews and root vegetables.

Feel free to download, print and take with you shopping to get inspired to start eating healthy!

Xx Britt


Seven simple snacks

While at uni today I was feeling a little peckish. That got me thinking about snacks. Which got me thinking about a new blog post. And tada, this little post was born. I also think the name of the post is really cute.

1. Frozen Grapes: When its hot and sticky, frozen grapes are the perfect way too cool down. They are sweet, cold, and full of nutrients. As a side note: also great to keep wine chilled during summer (No-one likes watery wine).
2. Lebanese cucumbers and hummus: I love the simplicity of this one, especially if you have store bought hummus on hand. Just grab a cucumber, and dig in!
3. Sweet and spicy popcorn: Ever since finding this recipe from move, nourish, believe it has been my go-to popcorn recipe. It is SUPER ADDICTIVE-this stuff is like crack. Honestly, I have to make it in half batches, because I always eat the entire bowl. Also, literally take 5 minutes to make!

4. Apple and almond butter sandwiches: Again, these are super simple-I usually take all the ingredients to work with me and make them there. You can also add yummy things like chocolate chips, dried fruit or chia seeds. Just slice apple, spread almond butter over, then sprinkle with yummy bits <3

5. Two words: Roasted Cauliflower. Honestly, when I said the popcorn was addictive, I was lying. I usually have to buy a few cauli’s to fuel my addiction. It takes almost no prep time, however you do have to wait for the cauli to cook. THE WAIT IS WORTH IT! I have little containers in my fridge for when i’m feeling peckish. I try to get mine into a salad. It never actually makes it into the salad unfortunately.

6. Kale chips: These are a little more tricky, but once you have mastered the fine art of using your oven, these babies are amazing. Of course-I cheat and leave mine in the dehydrator, but you actually can make them in the oven quite easily. A lovely lady I know called Kavisha, recently made this fab video showing you how to make them:

7. Cherry ripe truffles: Not floating my own boat, but these are amazing! If you are going to have a treat, then why not go all out with something nutritious and delicious. And they are also really simple to make (which is a bonus). Find the recipe here:
Enjoy your snacking!