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Free desktop background #2!

Another freebie for your desktop background! I think is one is totally relevant, and I know it applies to my life. If only our doctors were trained in nutritional medicine, then the world probably wouldn’t be in the state it is now! Download Background

Free desktop background!

I got creative and made an inspirational desktop background! I have a few of these rolling over on my background, so whenever I look up at the screen, I get inspired  <3 This idea was taken from The Wellness Warrior, and she has a bunch of wonderful backgrounds that you can get. Have a wonderful […]

Healthy eating inspiration

I love anything that continues to inspire me to eat healthy, the process of changing your lifestyle is a long and hard process, and it takes time. Its important to remember that mistakes happen, if you eat a whole block of chocolate, its not all over, and rather than give up and keep eating crap, […]

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