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Healthy little treats

One of my good friends was asking about healthy treats, and I figured hey that would make a great blog post (This is how most of my thinking goes now). So I give you a mini collection of some of my favourite healthy treats.  I Think the thing to remember with treats, even healthy treats, […]

Healthy eating inspiration

I love anything that continues to inspire me to eat healthy, the process of changing your lifestyle is a long and hard process, and it takes time. Its important to remember that mistakes happen, if you eat a whole block of chocolate, its not all over, and rather than give up and keep eating crap, […]

The 8 week Health challenge

Ok, so Monday is the day I start the 8 week health and wellness challenge from Karrinyup Wellness Centre. Basically it involves a bit of a lifestyle upheaval and rebooting my health. For 8 weeks I will be going PALEO! Which is not a huge step for me, as i’m already halfway there, but i’m […]

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