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Goodness me box review


The new hype in the wellness industry is subscription boxes-seriously they are everywhere! However, I recently discovered Goodness Me box, and it was so beautiful that I couldn’t not sign up! I recieved the box on a Friday night at 8pm (how’s that for service) and opened it to find 7 gorgeous products. 

This is their philosophy:

“GoodnessMe Box is a health food sampling service. Each month, GoodnessMe Box surprises you with 5-10 health food goodies so you can get your hands on the most sought-after clean eats the world is going nuts about!

The GoodnessMe Box experience is all about discovery so each month the content of the box is a surprise. Plus, each GoodnessMe Box includes nutritional recipes.

Our aim is to provide you food with integrity. We source only the highest quality health food brands that share our passion to provide wholesome and natural food products that are GMO-free and which are two or more of the following: Organic, sustainable, raw, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free or vegan.”


  • Pukka Tea sample’s: Licorice and peppermint, and Detox (2 Samples)
I love Pukka tea, its been my go to tea for a few years, and I always love trying new flavours. The peppermint and licorice is an absolutely lovely tea, and is super warming during winter. The detox tea is refreshing and a great way to detox everyday.
Total = $0.80
  • Raw C Coconut water 330mL
It’s the new in-drink, and there is a good reason why, coconut water is full of nutrients, and tastes super yummy. I use mine in smoothies and with my granola. Edit: Although in saying that, I don’t really agree with the company philosophy. Would however buy other brands!
Total = $2.95
  •  Simply Raw Superfood bar: Coconut rough 15g
I LOVE these bars! I have tried them before, but Goodness me box reminded me why I love them. Only 6 ingredients, and its all good stuff. Yummiest superfood bar around!
Total = $1.50
  • Loving Earth Luvju: Coconut Mylk 35g
Always a big fan of the Loving Earth Luvju bars (especially the caramel) so of course I was excited to see that Goodness me had included one of their bars. YUM!
Total = $2.90
  • Naked food: Organic and health food voucher $10
I have never tried this particular online health food store, but their website looks gorgeous! I can’t wait to try them out.
Total = $10
  • Mayvers: Pure state Dark Choc super spread 375g
This stuff is so good, I had it on a slice of dark rye bread over the weekend, and it was just a perfect combination of nutty goodness and tasty super foods. A great way to get a nutrient dense hit.
Total = $7.99
  • My Wholesome Kitchen: Granola Crunch 130g
I love a good granola, and this one is a goodie! Full of nuts, seeds, coconut, and cranberries, what’s not to love. I enjoyed mine with some lovely Greek yoghurt.
Total = $3.50
Paid for box = $25/month
Total amount received = $29.60

The other thing I LOVE about Goodness me box, is that they have a qualified Nutritionist on staff reviewing every product before it goes into the box, the lovely Melissa Fine who you can follow on instagram @melissaeatsmindfully, she has some gorgeous pics and some great food ideas!

Goodness me box also have a qualified Naturopath and yoga instructor on board, Amy Holtz, who again helps to ensure every product in your box is the healthiest, yummiest product.

Overall a great first box, and some fabulous products. I’m really looking forward to the next July box. If you want to get your hands on one, sign up over at, the July box is sold out, but they will let you know when the August box is ready!

Have you signed up to a great subscription box recently? I would love to hear about it, comment below 🙂

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Stuff I heart # 3

Here’s the latest in stuff I heart, there has been a tonne of great new products and companies that II have discovered, and I’m excited to share that with you!

1. Making your own candles. 

Image from:

I’m awaiting a delivery of gorgeous candle making supplies, which i’m going to turn into some lovely soy pillar candles. I have a candle lit most evenings, and I just love the feel it gives to my house. I relate candles with warmth, spiritualism, awakening, calm, sensation, enlightening, slow movement and breath. They go perfectly with the evening wind down yoga session. 
I got my supplies from They have lots of great quality soy wax, as well as a huge range of scents. I also found this great tutorial over at move, nourish, believe on how to make your own natural soy candles. 

2. Chai Tea:


Image from:

During Winter, chai tea is my go to tea. I love it-with milk, without, with nut milk, with honey, and with absolutely nothing at all! It has such a glorious full flavour, and is super warming. I found this brilliant recipe for Coconut Chai Tea on the Hungry for Change site, its so creamy and has so many spices! If you have never tried chai tea before, I urge you to, its the perfect comfort drink during those cool winter days, as well as the nutritional benefits:
Cinnamon: Can help with immune function, muscle spasms, regulating blood sugar and reducing infections
Nutmeg: Can help with sleep, skin, digestive issues, antibacterial, and improving circulation
Cloves: Can help with respiratory issues, inflammation, toothache, digestion, and are also anti-fungal
Cardamom: Can help with mouth ulcers, digestion, depression, urinary tract issues, and immune system function
Ginger: Improving digestion, nausea relief, anti-inflammatory, headaches, immune function, and respiratory function
Licorice: reducing blood sugar, reducing inflammation, antiviral, and is a great antioxidant
So with all those wonderful spices, and array of health benefits, why not grab a cuppa!
3. Learning about crystals

I started using crystals a few months ago, and have a small collection now. Its one of my favourite things to go shopping for a new crystal, there are so many gorgeous shapes and colours-I find it hard to choose. But the best way I have found of choosing, is to just go with your intuition and pick the one that draws your attention, I also like to pick ones based on how they feel in my hands.

I love this gorgeous guide by Gala Darling on Crystals for Beginners. 

4. GoodnessMe Box


I love the whole craze at the moment with healthy “boxes” that are shipped straight to your door. There are so many to choose from though, and they all have such great products. One of my favourite ones is a new company that has just started. GoodnessMe box has some of my favorite brands including Loving Earth, Pukka, and Raw C  Nakula Coconut water. Plus they even have a Nutritionist (Melissa Fine) on board which is just awesome. I’m hoping someone will gift this to me for my birthday (Hint hint it’s on the 30th of May).

5. Botanical Beauty Co.

Being a kiwi, I love hearing about awesome little kiwi companies making gorgeous healthy products. Botanical Beauty Co is one of those companies. They have tonnes of gorgeous, natural and handmade products that are high quality, honest and natural. Founder Rachael Muollo, wanted to have a range of apothecary formula’s reminiscent of a by-gone era, without the chemical nasties of modern beauty products. I’m loving the solid perfumes and body butters. You can purchase the Botanical Beauty Co products from their website.


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Five Friday favourites #2

1. Food that magically regrows itself.

I love this, its basically free food. Ok, so you do have to wait for it to grow, but the idea is so great! I might try it with some green onions, they look pretty easy! And I’m amazed at how many foods you can do this with. I’d also love to try the mushrooms and the pineapple!

Find the full article here:

2. Farmers markets

I visited my closest farmers market last weekend, and totally loved it! It’s just such a pity its a 25 minute drive away. I love the community atmosphere, getting to know the farmers and stall owners. Plus you know the produce you are getting is good quality, local and fresh. I was also lucky enough to pick up some raw honey, figs, and a gorgeous loaf of sunflower and rye sourdough!

If you are in aus, there is a great farmers market directory here:

3. Zing anything drink bottles

My Naturopath has the most amazing drink bottle the other day when I visited her, it was a bottle that had its own citrus squeezer in the bottom, so you could add lemon to your bottle easily. I will defiantly be purchasing one of these incredible Zing anything bottles, they are such a great idea! I also love the other style, which means you can infuse your water with anything! Think of all the possibilities.

You can purchase a zing anything bottle here:

4. Yahava Coffee

While in Margaret River last year, me and Cam were lucky enough to do a coffee tasting at Yahava coffee. When we got back we decided to switch to Yahava and proceeded to try every single one of their blends in the months since then. We have finally settled on our favourite blend: Kahava. It was also announced this week that Yahava is Perth’s best coffee. 

5. Eating less sugar

I haven’t had white sugar in years, and I actively try to reduce my consumption of sugar. Of course I still consume some forms of sugar-mostly honey and coconut sugar. But reading this article reminded me that regardless of how the sugar is branded and marketed, sugar is sugar, and it still gets broken down into glucose. There are lots of negative health implications of consuming large amounts of sugar, including increasing blood pressure, and obesity. Personally I think the WORST is the sugar found in sugary beverages.

Green Smoothie giveaway

A few weeks ago I ran a giveaway thanks to the Green Smoothie Co, but I was so busy at uni, that I don’t think it got the attention it deserved. So I’m going to re-run it to give everyone the chance to enter. The prize is a Mix it up pack containing: 1 x Brain Food, 1 x Green Is Good, 1 x Power Hit, 1 x Crazy for Cacao and 1 x Super Booster. 

If you would like to know more about the Green Smoothie Co, or get your hands on their products, see their website:

If you would like to read my review, read it here:

All you need to do to be in the draw, is leave a comment below about your favourite smoothie combination!

*Only open to residents of Australia and New Zealand

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Five Friday favourites #1

I’ve decided to do a new blog segment called ‘Five Friday favourites’ where I do a quick roundup of my weekly favourite things from the interwebs.

Image: “Boundless” by

1. Mercury retrograde.

Mercury does crazy things and appears to be going backwards, its not but it does have an effect on people. It’s been playing havoc with my ability to communicate, and being a Gemini and ruled by mercury, I have had a huge reaction to this particular mercury retrograde. I can’t seem to get words out, and my brain has been abnormally fuzzy. Gala darling gives a fantastic overview of this crazy phenomenon.

2. Fresca natural deodorants.

Ever since my nana and aunt were diagnosed with breast cancer, I have stopped using natural deodorants free from all the nasties. But this has meant I have tried most of the available brands of natural deodorant in search of one the ACTUALLY works. I love the Fresca range of deodorants, they have lovely scents, and stop the smell. You can get yours from Peachy Clean, or any other health food store.

3. The live lighter campaign. 

It’s been popping up everywhere. And I’m so happy they are doing a big health push here in WA, its totally on the right track, and I hope people are paying attention to the messages. My favourite message is ‘sugary beverages cause toxic fat’. In one of my units at uni I will be doing a small study on the effects of the live lighter campaign, which i’m really looking forward too! Have you noticed the campaign? Do you pay attention to the messages? If you are wanting more info, see the live lighter website. There is even a push for restaurants to revamp their kids menus from chicken nuggets and chips, to nourishing healthy foods.

Image: Eat drink paleo

4. Granola. 

I made it for the first time this week, and golly gosh its amazing! I’m totally addicted, and it makes for a fantastic breakfast. Its basically a muesli/nut/seed/fruit mix that is covered in coconut oil and honey, then baked. I like to keep mine in the fridge, so it stays crunchy! Here’s my top 3 picks for granola recipes:

The healthy chef:
Eat drink paleo:
I quit sugar (Sarah Wilson):

5.Emma and toms life bars.

These babies are amazing, and the ingredients list is super short! My favourite is the cacao and coconut, which is simply:  Dates, raw cashews, raisins, coconut, cacao powder. I love to take them to uni with me, as its a convenient, healthy, easy, simple, nutritious and tasty snack to have to help furl my brain and nourish my body. You can grab yourself some here: 

Natural air freshner

Happy Friday!

My mum has become a bit of a pro at making her own natural handmade products, and i’m going to share with you one of her best recipes! Air fresheners generally have huge amounts of nasty chemicals in them, include some which may have a negative impact on your health. Over the last few years I have been gradually reducing the amount of chemicals I use in my house, and now I love making my own! There is something lovely about using a product that you have made yourself, and knowing exactly what it contains.

1 Small spray bottle
Distilled water
Bergamot oil
Coriander oil

In a small bowl mix 1 1/2 cups of water and 1/2 cup vodka, then add 30 drops of both essential oils. Mix well, then pour into small spray bottle.

You can use any combination of essential oils, but I really loved this combo!

Have fun with this mini weekend project <3


Product review: Conscious Craves Kale chips

Finally home! There’s really nothing like getting back home and having your happy little dog greet you like he hasn’t seen you in months, its the most lovely feeling 🙂 Of course getting back home, I had loads to do, so before doing so I made sure I had a nutrient dense power snack-bring on the kale chips! I got these bad boys from the Margaret River Farmers markets from the lovely Kylie from Conscious Craves.

They are flavorsome and super crunchy, and she uses a blend of Cashews, sesame seeds, garlic, tahini and spices to pack them with a punch. Plus kale is full of vitamins and minerals, which makes this snack a great choice!
So the company, Conscious craves, is a raw, vegan, and guilt free company based in the hear of Yellingup, Western Australia. Founded by two passionate ladies, who strive to feed people simple nutrition through pure, live and fresh foods. They believe that a simple diet consisting of mainly a variety of vegetarian organic foods can keep the body, mind and spirit clean for live.
Another reason I love this company is that they support their local community, farmers and environment by using as many local and organic ingredients as possible. You can find Conscious Craves every Saturday morning at the Margaret River Farmers markets, or pop over and see them on facebook!

I Love Cacao

Who doesn’t love chocolate! The velvety smoothness on your tongue, and the creamy rich taste-Yum! And you will be happy to know that I totally approve of chocolate…However its gotta be the good stuff. I often get asked the question, whats the difference between cacao and cocoa? Basically cocoa is the refined and processed version of cacao, its kind of the equivalent to white flour vs a multi-grain whole flour. Through all the processing, cocoa looses much of the goodness that it originally had-and let me tell you, it had some pretty good stuff.

So then, cacao, the goddess of super foods, not only is it delicious, but its versatile, and easy to cook with. You can easily up the nutrition of any cocoa based baking, by replacing it with cacao. And there are so many nutritional benefit to cacao! Raw powdered cacao is packed full of flavanoids, which are natural antioxidants, and protect the body from aging and disease by fighting off free radicals. Raw cacao is said to contain about 4 times the amount of antioxidants that cocoa powder. It also had higher antioxidant content than green tea ad red wine.

Cacao is also high in magnesium, which is associated with nerve and muscle function, as well as ensuring the immune system can function adequately. Cacao has also been found to hep regulate blood pressure and reduce cholesterol.  This means it potentially can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Cacao also contains caffeine, which can be a good and bad thing. Of course, caffeine is a stimulant, so too much is possibly going to keep you awake, especially in large doses.

As with everything, keep it in moderation, and be aware of what you are consuming. While I say raw cacao is great, its the things that go with it that are of concern. For example, in a block of chocolate, there are refined sugars, saturated fat and its been highly processed,which means many of the nutritional benefits will be diminished. Really, in milk chocolate, there isn’t much cacao left. So if you are going for processed chocolate, stick with a high quality dark chocolate! Research where they are getting their beans from, buy organic where possible, and its probably not best to eat a whole block at a time (however I’m sure I have done this in the past!).

The best way to consume cacao is from its raw form, or as close to as you can get. Other than growing it yourself, generally the easiest way to get it is in its raw powdered form, and you can get this from your local health food store. Its pretty expensive, but I tend to buy in bulk, and its lasts months, especially since you hardly use any. I put mine in smoothies, baking, raw cacao balls, raw chocolate and hot cacao drinks. There are so many uses, and every week I find another one!

There are a few brands I have tried that are really great:

And here are a few recipes that I just LOVE:

If you want more info, David Wolfe is a great person to read up on, he is a bit of an expert on raw food. Of course I do have to point out here, that there is another side to the story, and it states that the theobromine in cacao may have a toxic effect on humans, as it does on animals. The research is stating that at low doses the theobromine may contribute to the positive effects of chocolate, however at high doses, there are some negative effects, especially on mood. As always, everything in moderation, and a key thing to remember, is to vary your diet!

Giveaway: Pukka Tea ayurverdic pack

I LOVE Pukka tea, I stumbled across the brand about 3 years ago, and have been addicted ever since. I’m pretty sure the packaging first caught my eye, they have such beautiful designs. They are such great quality, and the blends are just amazing. No, they aren’t paying me to say this, but they were lovely enough to sponsor this fantastic giveaway! Pukka teas are my little piece of happiness everyday, I get to sit down with a nice hot cup, and all my worries fade away.

This pack is made up of Refresh, Revitalise and Relax:  Relax is a sweet mellow blend of chamomile, fennel and marshmallow root to help you feel perfectly relaxed. Revitalise is a spicy warming blend of cinnamon, cardamom and ginger to help get you going. Refresh is a delicious cooling blend of peppermint, licorice and rose to help you feel uplifted. Pukka Teas are 100% organic and ethically sourced.
Iv’e tried the refresh and relax, and both were amazing! My other favorites are the green chai, the vanilla chai, the three ginger, and the peppermint a licorice. You can’t really go wrong with any of their blends!
To buy some of their amazing tea, see your local Health food store, or pop over to their website:
To go in the draw see below! Good luck!

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas


I’m getting really excited because Christmas is just around the corner, and exams are all over, which means I’m on holidays for 3 months! And for you guys, that means lots and lots and lots of blog posts full of recipes, nutrition information and cool stuff!

I’ve started thinking about Christmas shopping, and what I’m going to buy for my friends and family! I don’t agree too much with the hype and pressure that is placed on families this time of year, like spending hundreds of dollars on plastic toys that kids will play with for a few weeks. And I really don’t like the shopping centers this time of year (or the rest of the year really). The stores all entice us to feel guilty if we don’t buy everything for everyone, its really awful, and doesn’t bode well with my values.

So this year, I’m not buying many presents, and when I do, ill buy them online, and really think hard about what I’m buying, where it came from, who made it, what am I supporting, and if the gift is the right thing for that person. I think online shopping has really allowed us to buy really great gifts after researching and finding something perfect. As much as I can this year I will be making all my gifts. I’m hoping to make a whole bunch of jams and chutneys, as well as some DIY crafty things.

Here are my top 6 gift ideas for this year if you are going to buy gifts:

  • Books: There are some really great books out there especially from some really amazing people, which are inspiring you to lead a healthy and inspired life!
Book love

Book love by brittany-smith on Polyvore

  • Organic Beauty products: There is something lovely about buying people things they wouldn’t buy for themselves, giving them the gift to love and accept themselves and their body.
Organic Beauty products
Organic Beauty products by brittany-smith featuring Paul Frank
  • Cooking utensils: Having good quality cooking utensils is vital for anyone who wants to cook good quality food.
    Cooking utensils Christmas list
  • Stationery: Being organised is one of my top priorities, and buy giving your loved ones the tools they need to be organised, you are giving them the time and space to create beautiful lives.
Stationery Christmas List
Stationery Christmas List by brittany-smith