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Goodness me box review


The new hype in the wellness industry is subscription boxes-seriously they are everywhere! However, I recently discovered Goodness Me box, and it was so beautiful that I couldn’t not sign up! I recieved the box on a Friday night at 8pm (how’s that for service) and opened it to find 7 gorgeous products. 

This is their philosophy:

“GoodnessMe Box is a health food sampling service. Each month, GoodnessMe Box surprises you with 5-10 health food goodies so you can get your hands on the most sought-after clean eats the world is going nuts about!

The GoodnessMe Box experience is all about discovery so each month the content of the box is a surprise. Plus, each GoodnessMe Box includes nutritional recipes.

Our aim is to provide you food with integrity. We source only the highest quality health food brands that share our passion to provide wholesome and natural food products that are GMO-free and which are two or more of the following: Organic, sustainable, raw, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free or vegan.”


  • Pukka Tea sample’s: Licorice and peppermint, and Detox (2 Samples)
I love Pukka tea, its been my go to tea for a few years, and I always love trying new flavours. The peppermint and licorice is an absolutely lovely tea, and is super warming during winter. The detox tea is refreshing and a great way to detox everyday.
Total = $0.80
  • Raw C Coconut water 330mL
It’s the new in-drink, and there is a good reason why, coconut water is full of nutrients, and tastes super yummy. I use mine in smoothies and with my granola. Edit: Although in saying that, I don’t really agree with the company philosophy. Would however buy other brands!
Total = $2.95
  •  Simply Raw Superfood bar: Coconut rough 15g
I LOVE these bars! I have tried them before, but Goodness me box reminded me why I love them. Only 6 ingredients, and its all good stuff. Yummiest superfood bar around!
Total = $1.50
  • Loving Earth Luvju: Coconut Mylk 35g
Always a big fan of the Loving Earth Luvju bars (especially the caramel) so of course I was excited to see that Goodness me had included one of their bars. YUM!
Total = $2.90
  • Naked food: Organic and health food voucher $10
I have never tried this particular online health food store, but their website looks gorgeous! I can’t wait to try them out.
Total = $10
  • Mayvers: Pure state Dark Choc super spread 375g
This stuff is so good, I had it on a slice of dark rye bread over the weekend, and it was just a perfect combination of nutty goodness and tasty super foods. A great way to get a nutrient dense hit.
Total = $7.99
  • My Wholesome Kitchen: Granola Crunch 130g
I love a good granola, and this one is a goodie! Full of nuts, seeds, coconut, and cranberries, what’s not to love. I enjoyed mine with some lovely Greek yoghurt.
Total = $3.50
Paid for box = $25/month
Total amount received = $29.60

The other thing I LOVE about Goodness me box, is that they have a qualified Nutritionist on staff reviewing every product before it goes into the box, the lovely Melissa Fine who you can follow on instagram @melissaeatsmindfully, she has some gorgeous pics and some great food ideas!

Goodness me box also have a qualified Naturopath and yoga instructor on board, Amy Holtz, who again helps to ensure every product in your box is the healthiest, yummiest product.

Overall a great first box, and some fabulous products. I’m really looking forward to the next July box. If you want to get your hands on one, sign up over at, the July box is sold out, but they will let you know when the August box is ready!

Have you signed up to a great subscription box recently? I would love to hear about it, comment below ūüôā

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My 6 week wellness challenge

Hi Wellness lovelies!

There has been a bit of a break here on The Wellness Plate, My life has been busy with exams and Birthday fun. Finally its the Uni break (I’ve got 6 weeks off yippee!) and so Iv’e decided that its time to do a complete health overhaul. My health has slacked quite a bit over the past month, and I’m feeling low, groggy and emotional. But that’s all about to change. There are a few things I will be doing over the next 6 weeks, these include:

  • The I Quit Sugar 8 week challenge

I’m really excited about this one, me and a good friend are doing it together, and although I don’t have a big sweet tooth, its’ going to be helpful to really be aware of what I’m eating again, and generally restarting my health. I love the program because its so easy to do-They give you all your meal plans and shopping lists, which is such a great time saver. Iv’e had to jump in on week 2 because I missed last week due to exams-But so far the meals are amazing!

  • The #Sheisradiant 6 week wellness adventure from Claire Baker (This is lifeblood)

I was lucky enough to grab an early bird copy of Claire’s gorgeous new ebook. Its full of soul filled life changing knowledge, and its going to be a great base to help remind myself why I love my body, and why I love being healthy. Claire has created a book with love oozing from every single page. Its got life lessons every week, as well as recipes, affirmations and lots of other wellness tips and tricks. Plus its gorgeously designed and super easy to read. 

  • The 21 day Meditation challenge from Claire Obeid (The Wellness Project) 

I discovered this challenge a week ago, so I’m already up to day 5, but gosh its fantastic! Everyday you get a new mini meditation delivered to your inbox, then all you need to do is plug in your headphones and go! They have been incredibly empowering so far, and I’m thriving on being more present and aware everyday. 
Today is the last day to sign up however, so you better get in quick!
  • I’m tracking my progress using a few different apps:


Iv’e been using this one for a few years now, but its still an old fav. Its super easy to use, and its great for walking, running and cycling. I’m hoping to get in 3 runs/walks everyday for the next 6 weeks and this is how ill be tracking everything. If you want to join me and start running/walking my username is bsmi109. 


I don’t usually advocate tracking meals and counting kilojoules, however during the next 6 weeks ill be doing the I Quit Sugar program, so its going to be really interesting seeing what my nutrition is like. Plus i’m really hoping to get some good habits going, and I know by tracking my food intake ill be more aware of what i’m eating. Again, if you would like to join me my username is bsmi109. 


This is a recent find of mine, but its a gorgeous app for tracking reproductive health. Being aware of your reproductive health is just as important as the rest of your health, I am a total advocate for whole body wellness, so this is a great way to be more aware of your own body. It lets you track everything from periods, mood, temperature, and supplements/medications. Its a great addition to your health tracking-Plus its a really pretty app. They even give you little health tips everyday-honestly the best app of its kind that I have found. 


This one is a photo based weight tracker. Again I don’t usually advocate keeping track of your weight, during the next 6 weeks I will be, so I can get on top of some bad habits and kick start my health and wellness again. This app is beautifully designed, and has lots of great functions like adding goals, photos, and calculating your ideal weight (based on BMI). Ill be using this predominantly to track my photo progress during the next 6 weeks. 

So, I would LOVE for you to join me over the next 6 weeks to reboot your health and wellness. Use the hashtag #TWP6weekwellness-I look forward to seeing all your posts, photos and updates on how you are  going!

What are you planning on doing over the next 6 weeks to reboot your health? I would LOVE to hear your comments below!

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Post #100: Why looking after your spinal health is important

I’m so excited, this is the 100th post on The Wellness Plate! After starting this blog in September last year, I had a good feeling that it would be the one that would stuck, and I’m happy to say it will be around for a long time ūüôā¬†
Today I’m going to talk about one of my biggest passions, and the single thing that decidedly moved me from wanting to be a mainstream Medical Doctor, to wanting to be a holistic Dietitian and Wellness Practitioner. Today I’ll be talking about Chiropractic and spinal health. My wellness journey started as a single job application among hundreds. When I arrived to Australia fresh out of my first year of Medicine, I was looking for a job in medical reception, so I could get some experience in the industry. I got quite a few interview, but none of them felt right. Then I got a call from an incredible lady called Davina, and her call set me on my path.¬†

The company that started my journey (Thanks Davina!)

The first interview I went to was a group interview, and ¬†I was completely inspired that there was a job out there that people were so utterly passionate about. Davina has this huge passion for the industry, and to be honest, I never knew about Chiropractic, but her words and inspiration make me feel like I just HAD to be part of this. ¬†I unfortunately didn’t get that first job, but the universe had something better in store for me. Davina called me a few weeks later and asked me to come for an interview at a different clinic. This time it was a big inter-disciplinary clinic lead by one of the most experience Chiropractors in Perth, Dr Simon Carlin.¬†

I cannot thank both Davina and Dr Carlin enough for the life changing experience of being a Chiropractic Assistant, it is one of the most fulfilling jobs, full of teams of insanely passionate people, who’s incentive everyday is to helped the world see and discover their true health potential. It was due to the incredible team at Karrinyup Wellness Centre, and these two inspiring community leaders that I chose to start on the path of Nutrition and Dietetics. (If you guys are reading, THANK YOU).¬†
The reason I bring this up now, is that yesterday I was at the Dynamic Growth Experience, which is basically a conference for Chiro’s, their teams and Chiro Students. Being part of that community, and hearing how truly incredible everyone involved in Chiropractic is, I have to share this message. If you are interested in the health and well-being of yourself, your family and your community, Chiropractic is for you. There is alot of misinformation about Chiropractic around, on the Internet, and from people who just don’t know what we do.¬†

What is Chiropractic?
Chiropractic is a Primary Health care alternative, which in its most basic form looks after your spinal health. What you have to realise though, is that spinal health is crucial to your entire body. Your spine encases the superhighway of your nervous system, which takes messages from your body to your brain, and back the other way. If these messages are interrupted by poor spinal health, then the health of the rest of your body will not be optimal. Chiropractic ensures that your spine is free from interruptions, and is able to send messages correctly. This is done through adjustments. 


Why is that relevant to me?
Most of my clients ask me “but why should I go to a Chiropractor if I don’t have back pain”. This is an easy one, basically because interruptions sometimes don’t actually present as pain. Sometimes interruptions can go for years completely unnoticed, and in the meanwhile will be secretly affecting your digestion, sleep, hormones, mood, immune system and your ability to be your best self. And so, I believe that every single person should be checked by a Chiropractor at least once in your life. It is vital to your health, and if you are like me, I want to be the best version of myself, so I can achieve amazing, awesome things, and be the best I possibly can. I also know from studying Nutrition, that if the signals from your brain to your digestive system aren’t functioning, your body can’t process your food properly, so no matter how much of the most nutrient dense food you eat, you will never be getting the full benefit.¬†


Who should get Chiropractic?
I think everyone should be checked by a Chiropractor at least once in their lives. I see the perfect time for this as soon as you are born. Babies are full of life potential, and new gorgeous energy, but the birth process is traumatic. Its stressful, and often babies end up being twisted, pull and vacuumed out. Which is a huge problem for the spine. If a babies spine is misaligned this young, then how can their body grow, develop and learn properly? However if a baby starts getting Chiropractic care from day one, then they are set up for a life of optimal growth and development. However stress and trauma doesn’t stop at birth, throughout our lives we have falls, accidents, and generally, we live our lives. So with all this, how can the messages be correctly sent through a spine that is misaligned? If you care about the health and wellbeing of your family, kids, friends and yourself, then get checked by your local Chiropractor.¬†

They say once you start getting Chiropractic, you have to keep going…..for life!
This one is completely and utterly true. From my previous point, life is stressful and traumatic and at any point the messages can stop being sent properly, and you may never know until its bad enough to get pain. Therefore, if you are getting checked say, once a month on a regular basis, then any of the stuff that life throws at you can be can be supported by you body. Chiropractic has become my number one form of health care, because I work there I am lucky enough to be checked and adjusted once a week, but for Wellness care once a month is perfect. 

“Chiropractic has become my number one form of health care”

I was lucky enough to see some incredible speakers yesterday at Dynamic growth, and one of my favourites was Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani. She is an inspiration to Families, Parents, Mothers and Fathers, and advocates for Chiropractic care to become the leading healthcare for families. And I completely agree with her. In my time at the Wellness Centre, I have seen incredible things happen for families who start care. Usually it begins with one family member coming in with pain. They get amazing results, then the rest of the family start coming in. The family begins to be healthier, sleeping better, getting less sick. The family is more active, they are happier, they have bigger goals and dreams, and they start to fulfil those goals and dreams. I am looking forward to reading Dr Jennifer’s book “Well adjusted babies” over the uni holidays.
In our current worldwide health climate, there needs to be a change in how we deal with the health of ourselves and our families. We all know drugs and surgery are not the way to go, we need to take preventative action and really give a damn about our own health rather than leaving it in the hands of those who don’t care that much, or are looking to make money out of us. We need to be community leaders, and inspire others to care, we need to stand up and share our journey’s and information. The reason I do it, is because I want the world that my children are born into to be a better, brighter and healthier place, and the only way I know how is to be a leader in the community, and stand up for the health of the people around me.¬†


Ok, so now what?
Well, there are a few things you can do, the first and most important step, is go and find a good Chiropractor, the best way to do this is to get a referral from a friend. 
Secondly, join the industry! If you want to be part of the big change, join us in a healthcare revolution. Be part of the growing community of healthcare professionals wanting to make real lasting changes in the healthcare system. If we all rally together, there is huge change that we can make, and I would love you t e part of it. 
Thirdly, take your health into your own hands. Be proactive and don’t wait for things to break. You can achieve incredible amazing things in your life, but you can only do it if you are healthy.¬†

I would love to know if you get Chiropractic care, and what amazing benefits have you received from it? (Comment below)
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Live below the line: The review

Day 1:

So far, its been smooth sailing, although breakfast was a bit disappointing. Note to self-plain oats with pear and cinnamon sounds nice, but in reality, it still tastes like cardboard. 
For snacks I had a simple carrot and garlic soup, and raw carrot sticks. I also didn’t eat all the oats for breakfast, so I popped them in the oven for a baked pear and cinnamon crumble (again not so successful, it needs sugar-why did I not think of sugar!).¬†
Lunch was a nice big bowl of fried rice, with zucchini, garlic, onion and carrot. Luckily, lunch saved me and was really nice! 
Dinner was lentil dal with rice and one piece of flat bread. This was super yummy, and I’m so glad I have the garlic for flavoring everything!¬†
After my meal prep on Sunday, I have revised my meal plan:

$10 total
Day 1
Oats with grated pear and cinnamon
Fried rice with chicken, zucchini, carrot and fresh herbs
Chickpea and pumpkin curry with rice
Bone broth, carrot, carrot and garlic soup, Baked oat, pear and cinnamon crumble
Day 2
Toasted oats with stewed pear and cinnamon
Pumpkin, chicken and rice patties with roast potato wedges
Roast pumpkin with sautéed potato, zucchini and onion
Bone broth, baked potato, carrots, Pumpkin seeds
Day 3
Veggie hash with carrot, pumpkin, zucchini and tomato
Fried rice with chicken, zucchini, carrot and fresh herbs
Lentil dal with flatbread
Bone broth, carrots, carrot and garlic soup
Day 4
Oats with grated pear and cinnamon
Pumpkin, chicken and rice patties with roast potato wedges
Chickpea and pumpkin curry with rice
Bone broth, flatbread, carrots, Pumpkin seeds
Day 5
Oats with grated pear and cinnamon
Pumpkin, chicken and rice patties with roast potato wedges
Lentil dal with flatbread
Bone broth, carrots, baked potato


Might end up changing it again, depending on how it goes. 
The recipes I used as inspiration can be found here:
Pumpkin, chicken and rice patties
Chickpea and pumpkin curry
Lentil dal
Flatbread (Except no yoghurt-I will replace with water)
Bone broth
Pumpkin seeds
Of course, I didn’t make them exactly the same as I didn’t have all the ingredients, I only used what was on my shopping list.¬†


Day 2:

Today was HARD. I was at uni all day, and I had such little energy, that I don’t think I spoke to anyone all day. I swapped around breakfast today, and I had toasted oats with stewed pear and cinnamon. It was slightly better than day 1, but still not great. Lunch was ok, I had to have it on the go, so it was cold, but not too bad. I was hungry by the time I got home, so I had some bone broth, and roasted my veggies. Dinner was great, but not very filling, I was hungry again by about 8.30.¬†


Day 3: 
Due to all my hard work over the last few days, I treated myself to a big veggie hash this morning. It filled me up until about 11, which was great! Again fried rice was nice, but a little bland-it really could have done with some salt (must remember that for next year). The flat bread I made to go with the dal tonight was actually really yummy, and I’m glad I included it.¬†
Day 4: 
I have caved and decided to sub out 2 potatoes, and sub in 2 Tbsp of sugar, I just couldn’t handle another day of plain oats. On the bright side, breakfast was actually nice today. The best way to do the oats is by grating the pear and adding the cinnamon and sugar, then stewing that with some water, and adding the oats when that’s cooked and letting it cook for a few minutes.¬†
Day 5: 
I’m so glad ts the last day today, however I accidentally burnt my roast veggies today (I had a few carrots leftover so I roasted them with the potato). I can’t wait for tomorrow and all the coffee I will drink, I also looking forward to some chocolate and maybe eggs. Its been an emotional roller coaster, I’ve been hungry, tired and grumpy, and I still have to carry on.¬†


Live below the line has taught me the value of food and nutrition, and how truly lucky we are to be able to afford nourishing food. It was such an incredible experience, I honestly think everyone should do it during their life. We have so many emotions tied to food, I was all over the place during the last week, but for me, it has an end date, for millions around the world poverty has no end. Today I eat with a grateful heart, and the will to improve the circumstances for those living in poverty. Thank you to everyone who supported me during this last week, and to everyone who donated.


Total amount raised: $261
Goal: $300
Next year: $500

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Stuff I heart # 3

Here’s the latest in stuff I heart, there has been a tonne of great new products and companies that II have discovered, and I’m excited to share that with you!

1. Making your own candles. 

Image from:

I’m awaiting a delivery of gorgeous candle making supplies, which i’m going to turn into some lovely soy pillar candles. I have a candle lit most evenings, and I just love the feel it gives to my house. I relate candles with warmth, spiritualism, awakening, calm, sensation, enlightening, slow movement and breath. They go perfectly with the evening wind down yoga session. 
I got my supplies from They have lots of great quality soy wax, as well as a huge range of scents. I also found this great tutorial over at move, nourish, believe on how to make your own natural soy candles. 

2. Chai Tea:


Image from:

During Winter, chai tea is my go to tea. I love it-with milk, without, with nut milk, with honey, and with absolutely nothing at all! It has such a glorious full flavour, and is super warming. I found this brilliant recipe for Coconut Chai Tea on the Hungry for Change site, its so creamy and has so many spices! If you have never tried chai tea before, I urge you to, its the perfect comfort drink during those cool winter days, as well as the nutritional benefits:
Cinnamon: Can help with immune function, muscle spasms, regulating blood sugar and reducing infections
Nutmeg: Can help with sleep, skin, digestive issues, antibacterial, and improving circulation
Cloves: Can help with respiratory issues, inflammation, toothache, digestion, and are also anti-fungal
Cardamom: Can help with mouth ulcers, digestion, depression, urinary tract issues, and immune system function
Ginger: Improving digestion, nausea relief, anti-inflammatory, headaches, immune function, and respiratory function
Licorice: reducing blood sugar, reducing inflammation, antiviral, and is a great antioxidant
So with all those wonderful spices, and array of health benefits, why not grab a cuppa!
3. Learning about crystals

I started using crystals a few months ago, and have a small collection now. Its one of my favourite things to go shopping for a new crystal, there are so many gorgeous shapes and colours-I find it hard to choose. But the best way I have found of choosing, is to just go with your intuition and pick the one that draws your attention, I also like to pick ones based on how they feel in my hands.

I love this gorgeous guide by Gala Darling on Crystals for Beginners. 

4. GoodnessMe Box


I love the whole craze at the moment with healthy “boxes” that are shipped straight to your door. There are so many to choose from though, and they all have such great products. One of my favourite ones is a new company that has just started. GoodnessMe box has some of my favorite brands including Loving Earth, Pukka, and Raw C  Nakula Coconut water. Plus they even have a Nutritionist (Melissa Fine) on board which is just awesome. I’m hoping someone will gift this to me for my birthday (Hint hint it’s on the 30th of May).

5. Botanical Beauty Co.

Being a kiwi, I love hearing about awesome little kiwi companies making gorgeous healthy products. Botanical Beauty Co is one of those companies. They have tonnes of gorgeous, natural and handmade products that are high quality, honest and natural. Founder Rachael Muollo, wanted to have a range of apothecary formula’s reminiscent of a by-gone era, without the chemical nasties of modern beauty products. I’m loving the solid perfumes and body butters. You can purchase the Botanical Beauty Co products from their website.


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10 inspirational women

Today in the health and wellness industry, there are so many incredible and inspiration women. These women have motivated and inspired me to be on the path I am today, and without knowing it, every one of them have had a huge impact on my life, and the way I view myself. 
I’m not one to be inspired by celebrities, instead I am inspired by strong, intelligent, and brilliant women. In no particular order, here are the 10 women I am most inspired by:

Jess Ainscough (aka: The Wellness Warrior):

Jess Ainscough was one of the first wellness blogs I started reading when I began my journey a few years ago. She has been through a huge battle with cancer, and has come out the other side with an incredible story to tell, and a complete change in her lifestyle. She went from being a party girl, to being one of the most genuine, knowledgeable and inspirational figures in the industry. 

I’ve read her book, and Jess’ story is one to be read-the lessons she has learnt are ones she doesn’t want anyone else to have to learn the way she did. Jess believes that¬†wellness isn‚Äôt a destination, but an ongoing relationship with your own body.¬†A loving relationship, built on kindness & respect. And that’s a message I would love everyone to understand.¬†
You can read more about Jess over at her website: The Wellness Warrior

Dr. Libby Weaver:

Dr Libby is at the forefront of women’s health. She is a Nutritional Biochemist, and has published an array of best-selling books. I love how Dr Libby is able to take her huge amount of scientific research and turn it into exciting and easily understood ideas for the general public.
Recently I watched a TED talk Dr Libby did on women’s health, and the change from cave-woman times, to the modern day women. She explained how our biochemistry hasn’t changed in that time, and so our busy nature, and multitasking, is ruining our health. She explains how our bodies believe that we are in danger, and that when we slow down, and allow our bodies to be calm and present, we can be our healthiest selves.¬†
Dr Libby is such an inspiration and I would LOVE to one day be just as inspirational as her. You can read more about Dr Libby over at her website: Dr Libby, and you can watch her TED talk here.

Miranda Kerr:

Miranda Kerr is such a gorgeous soul, and her books have inspired me to love who I am. Being a model, she is in the spotlight everyday, but she has kept true to herself, and is a huge health advocate. She is such a great role model for women, and the words she writes in her books resonate with that. 
I just love picking up “Treasure yourself” and randomly picking a page and using the wisdom from that to empower my day. Every time I am feeling down, I can pick up her book and find some true and inspiring words. In a world where image drives everything, Miranda has used her beauty to create happiness for others, and I think that is totally amazing. There are too many celebrities that are terrible role models, but Miranda is just not one of them.¬†
You can learn more about Miranda at her website: Miranda Kerr, but I would advise you to get a copy of one of her books, they are empowering and inspiring. 

Emily Ehlers:

I have had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Emily Ehlers, and she is just awesome! Emily is a lifestyle coach, writer and mother, and spend her days helping and supporting women to be the best versions of themselves. She helps women to rediscover health and happiness, and I would love to one day be doing the same! And she does all this while being mum to Lucy (how cute is she!). 
Emily also helped me to connect with all the other like-minded souls in Perth through a gorgeous networking event last year, and I am eternally grateful for that, as it has given me the courage to be genuine and present in my blog writing, knowing there is a huge support network in my community. 
To get to know Emily, go over and have a read of her blog: Emily Ehlers

Dr Amanda Devine:

Dr Amanda Devine has been a huge part of my Nutrition studies, and has inspired me with her passion and knowledge of nutrition. Amanda has been researching bone and calcium disorders for 20 years, and I had the privilege of doing some work experience with this research. 
I just love how passionate Amanda is about her work, and the time and effort she gives to sharing her knowledge. You can read some of the articles Amanda has contributed to here: How Schools are urged to grow community gardens and How humans really are what they eat.

Lola Berry:

Lola Berry is a leading Australian Nutritionist, a yoga instructor, and writer. I love Lola’s genuine love for health and well-being, and how every aspect of her life is surrounded in wellness! She has a huge passion for creating good, nourishing food, and has written some amazing books. Find out more about Lola here.¬†

Claire Yates:

Claire is another incredible soul I have had the pleasure of meeting. Claire is in my dream job, a Nutritionist who blogs, writes books and inspires others to lead a healthier life. Her path has inspired me to step out of the box and change my view on Nutrition and Wellness. Her book, Optimal Health the Paleo way is fantastic (You can read my review here), and is an easy way to figure out the Paleo diet and why it works. 
Claire is changing the way people think about the Paleo diet, using scientific evidence and sound Nutrition knowledge. It all just makes sense. To learn more about Claire, visit her website. 


Zooey Deshanel: 

Now, I know Zooey is a celeb, but she is one of the celebs I am actually inspired by. She’s funny, genuine, authentic and is totally self aware. Its cool that there are still some celebs that arn’t self obessed perfectionists. Zooey helped to found the site,

“HelloGiggles is a positive online community for women (although men are always welcome!) covering DIY and crafting projects, beauty, friendship, sex & relationships, pop culture, pets, television & movies, nostalgia, fandom, tips on savvy and stylish living meant to inspire a smile”

And I think anyone that is inspiring women to live a life full of that, is pretty awesome. 

Dr. Gillian McKeith:

Dr Gillian McKeith’s book “You are what you eat” was the first nutrition/healthy cookbook that I picked up. I would have been about 12/13 and it just completely changed the way I viewed health. Of course, at that stage I was still an image obsessed pre-teen, but it did start my journey to where I am today. And after watching her TV show, I was further inspired to be healthy. And that was when I started going into health food stores, and trying different foods that people thought were weird. I thank her for her abrupt discussions on food, and scare tactics. Its a totally legit method of getting people t change their habits. Visit Dr Gillian’s website here.¬†

Jo Tastula:

Jo Tastula is a yoga teacher, but her classes are online. I have never actually met her, or spoken to her, but she is the best yoga teacher I have ever had. She has this amazing calm energy about her, and is such an inspiration. I would love to one day be at one of her real-life classes. Without her knowing she has helped me to get passionate about yoga, and inspired me to make it a habit, not just something I do occasionally. Find more about Jo Here.
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Book review: Optimal Health the Paleo way-Claire Yates

This week I finally got around to purchasing a copy of Optimal Health the Paleo way by Claire Yates, and I much say this thing is INCREDIBLE! Its not just a cookbook….Its 143 pages full of scientific based nutritional information, and Claire has presented it in a really easy to understand way. She goes through additives, allergens, hormones, stress, gut health, inflammation, macronutrients, micronutrients, and the list just goes on. I was amazed at just how much love and time Claire has put into this gorgeous work of art.¬†
Simply, Claire has summised everything you need to know about nutrition and the role it plays in your health, then gives you the ultimate guide to how to change your habits! Its a book I can confidently recommend to others who want a simple health eating plan to get them into the realm of good health. And its a book I will personally use to guide my diet. 
I have been on Paleo for 2 weeks now as part of a dietary intervention study at uni. I have noticed quite a few changes to my health. Firstly I have noticed that I am less hungry, and I want to snack less. This is a great feat for me as ¬†have an issue with always being hungry. Secondly, my skin is looking amazing! I haven’t had this kind of skins in quite a few years. And thirdly, I have more energy. Now in the afternoon, I don’t feel like I need another coffee, its just all uphill!¬†

This weekend I used Claire’s recipes to do my meal prep (as well as some recipes from Eat Drink Paleo). I made:

  • Carrot and sweet potato bites: These were a huge hit at the family Easter BBQ, even for those that are big meat eaters.
  • Sweet potato salad: Another hit at the family Easter BBQ, everyone was surprised at how tasty it was.
  • Roasted eggplant, cauliflower and warm chicken salad: This on is just gorgeous, and is going to be my lunch during the week. It was so easy to out together
  • Butter Chicken: Again, another super simple recipe that only really took 20 minutes from start to finish.
  • Herb and chili chicken: This was amazing, I just popped everything into a big baking dish and literally left it for a hour, and tada-Done!
Honestly, get your hands on a copy of this, Claire has put her heart and soul into this book, and you can really tell. This is the kind of book I would love to one day be the proud author of.
Find out more about Optimal health the Paleo way, Claire Yates, and how to re-set your health over at her website:


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Stuff I heart #2

I hope everyone had an amazing Easter weekend, full of rest, relaxation, treats, family and love <3 
I know lots of people are still on holiday until next week, but I’m back in action this week, and I’m ready for the remainder of the Uni semester as well as filling the blog with yummy recipes and nutrition posts.¬†
So here is my (slightly) overdue stuff I heart post:

1. The Paleo diet and Claire Yates cookbook “Optimal health the Paleo way”

I picked up this book from work after months of swooning over it, and I spend Friday morning reading the entire first half, which is full of some fantastic nutrition information. Claire is full of so much wisdom, and I just love her book! If you get a chance, grab a copy. I made the Carrot and sweet potato bites you see on the far left, they were a huge hit at the family BBQ I was at over the weekend. 

See my full review of Claire’s book here.¬†

2. This article full of reasons you should break up with your makeup

I stopped wearing a face full of make up a few years ago, it was mostly because I couldn’t afford it (student life right), but my face has loved me for it! I now can be proud of my own skin, rather than hiding behind a layer of chemicals. My mum also helped me to make the choice to move to natural makeup, so now, I could probably eat everything I put on my face. And our skin is our largest organ, so it absorbs everything! I love not wearing makeup, and I think it should be an everyday trend rather than for a #nomakeupselfie.¬†
There is also this great website I used for my info on being gorgeous AND green. 

3. This article on what your perfect day looks life from This is Lifeblood

On that note, here is what would be my Perfect day: Wake up early, refreshed and¬†energised, next to my man. Then,¬†cuddles and a coffee in bed with a chat. Then off outside to exercise with the sun rising, yoga, walking the dog, or the beach. Next would be a big,¬†gorgeous¬†breakfast full of eggs and veggies. Then work. In a perfect day I would be seeing clients as a Nutritionist, inspiring and educating people to live a¬†fulfilling¬†and empowered life. Lunch would be more veggies and of course a cup of tea. The afternoon would be filled with blogging and creating new recipes, as well as a bit of gardening. Then its time for some more exercise, another walk, or yoga, or some running. I’d then make an exciting, nourishing meal, and share it with my closest friends and loved one. There would be wine, and nibbles and music. And then finally at the very end of the day, I would sit down to read something awesome.¬†
Sounds awesome huh! What does your perfect day look like?

4. This incredible Lady: Yuna (Singer/Songwriter)

I’m in love with her album Nocturnal, I don’t usually post about music, but this is just too good not to share. Its full of lovely sparkly songs and gorgeous lyrics. Its my spring anthem album at the moment, Plus its fantastic to sing along to <3
Find out more about Yuna here.
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Five Friday favourites #3

Hey all!

Its been a slow week here on The Wellness Plate, I have been incredibly busy with work and Uni! Alas, that’s no excuse for a lack of posts ūüôā So here is my roundup of Five of my favourite things from this week.

1. This article about the 11 most destructive nutrition lies ever told. There have been so many nutrition myths told in the past, much of it is misinformation and a lack of research. Some of it is marketing hype or media lies. Anyhow, all of it is destructive and have caused a significant change in the way we eat. Take the eggs myth for example. Eggs are a great source of B vitamins, Vitamin D, E and many of the Minerals. Eggs are also a fantastic protein source, which is great for keeping us feeling full for long.

The other one which has had a huge impact on our diets is the myth about grains. Grains such as wheat are cheap and keep us from feeling hungry, however they are pretty low in nutrients, and as a society we have become so dependent on them. The agricultural revolution has only happened recently, and has been associated with all sorts of health problems, including intestinal damage, bloating, and pain.

Find the full article here:

2. Julie and Julia. After telling someone about my blog and how much I love food, nutrition and cooking, they recommended I watch Julie and Julia. Its a brilliant movie about the stories of two individuals,w hos love of cooking intertwines their stories. Its the life story of Cooking legend Julia Childs, as she learns and develops her passion of food and cooking into an incredible cook book. The story of Julia Powell begins with the goal to cook her way through this very book, and of course, blog about it.

I absolutely loved the movie, especially Meryl Streep-She was totally brilliant. And although isn’t about healthy food, it does portray my love of cooking none-the-less. It reminds me of the way my nana used to cook, and how she put her love for people in the food she cooked.

3. Teresa Cuttter: The Healthy Chef’s recipes. This week alone I have made her Chilli Con Carne, Green pea and Spinach risotto, Massaman curry, Classic tomato soup, and Granola. I would LOVE to one day have as many wonderful recipes as she does! Its such an inspiration to have so many really great healthy recipes available. if you haven’t been over to her website yet, I urge you to! You can find her at:¬†

4. Volunteering abroad. As I’m getting to the end of my Nutrition degree, I have decided that it would be great to get some international Nutrition experience, and I have found a great organisation that does just that. The project is in Peru in a place called Urumbamba, and kids there are at high risk of being undernourished. So I’m hoping to get there at the end of this year over the summer break. For more info:¬†

5. Simple acts of Kindness. Its such a beautiful thing when another human being does something completely selfless for another human. And I realised the other day that I have been doing alot of the receiving and not much of the giving of these simple little acts. My goal for the next week is to do one kind thing a day. Yesterday I did the warm drink rounds at work, and offered everyone a hot drink. Such a simple thing that made someone else’s day. Peppermint tea for all!

Five Friday favourites #2

1. Food that magically regrows itself.

I love this, its basically free food. Ok, so you do have to wait for it to grow, but the idea is so great! I might try it with some green onions, they look pretty easy! And I’m amazed at how many foods you can do this with. I’d also love to try the mushrooms and the pineapple!

Find the full article here:

2. Farmers markets

I visited my closest farmers market last weekend, and totally loved it! It’s just such a pity its a 25 minute drive away. I love the community atmosphere, getting to know the farmers and stall owners. Plus you know the produce you are getting is good quality, local and fresh. I was also lucky enough to pick up some raw honey, figs, and a gorgeous loaf of sunflower and rye sourdough!

If you are in aus, there is a great farmers market directory here:

3. Zing anything drink bottles

My Naturopath has the most amazing drink bottle the other day when I visited her, it was a bottle that had its own citrus squeezer in the bottom, so you could add lemon to your bottle easily. I will defiantly be purchasing one of these incredible Zing anything bottles, they are such a great idea! I also love the other style, which means you can infuse your water with anything! Think of all the possibilities.

You can purchase a zing anything bottle here:

4. Yahava Coffee

While in Margaret River last year, me and Cam were lucky enough to do a coffee tasting at Yahava coffee. When we got back we decided to switch to Yahava and proceeded to try every single one of their blends in the months since then. We have finally settled on our favourite blend: Kahava. It was also announced this week that Yahava is Perth’s best coffee. 

5. Eating less sugar

I haven’t had white sugar in years, and I actively try to reduce my consumption of sugar. Of course I still consume some forms of sugar-mostly honey and coconut sugar. But reading this article reminded me that regardless of how the sugar is branded and marketed, sugar is sugar, and it still gets broken down into glucose. There are lots of negative health implications of consuming large amounts of sugar, including increasing blood pressure, and obesity. Personally I think the WORST is the sugar found in sugary beverages.