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You can totally SPARKLE everyday! You know those days. You get up and its a complete struggle. You feel flat, tired, uninspired, and lacking energy. The world is crap and everything bad that could happen to you, does. We all have them. The bad days. But what if everyday is like that? How do you […]

Hello happy!

Today is the United Nations International day of Happiness. The day was launched in 2012, and was developed because of the recognition that ┬áthe pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal. Everyone wants to be happy, and the 3 components of global happiness were defined as social, economic and environmental well-being. I think thats […]


I have something to confess. My blog writing has been coming from a place of fear and I have not been present with you. That’s right, and I feel you all have a right to know. I went along to the wellness warrior tour with Jess Ainsough last night, and it was beautiful, incredible and […]


How many of us actually say thank you? When do we stop and consciously show gratitude not only towards one another, but towards our lives? Occasionally we say thank you to the person who held the door open for us, but only out of common courtesy. Lots of research has been done into happiness, and […]

Creating your day

I have had a very empowered and self-love fueled morning. I woke up gently, and let myself relax in bed. I had my morning coffee and read The Wellness Warriors “Make peace with your plate”. I am completly in love with this book. It is beautiful and filled with self-love. Some of the main points […]