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Surviving a Buffet: Your guide to Christmas parties

It’s the time of year when weekends are filled with Christmas related events: Family things, work Christmas parties, kids Christmas parties and Christmas events with friends. Sadly this also means huge amounts of unhealthy food. Generally Christmas means chips, dips, sausage rolls, sweets, pastries, meat, desserts, pudding, and all the trimmings. Nutritionally – not so […]


You can totally SPARKLE everyday! You know those days. You get up and its a complete struggle. You feel flat, tired, uninspired, and lacking energy. The world is crap and everything bad that could happen to you, does. We all have them. The bad days. But what if everyday is like that? How do you […]

Finding strength

I have to admit, its been awhile since I have done any kind of strength training or resistance exercise. I prefer the rush of cardio, and the adrenaline that accompanies it, or the simple calmness of yoga. Those are my exercise staples. But I seemed to have plateaued in my fitness, so I have decided […]

Seven simple snacks

While at uni today I was feeling a little peckish. That got me thinking about snacks. Which got me thinking about a new blog post. And tada, this little post was born. I also think the name of the post is really cute. Image: 1. Frozen Grapes: When its hot and sticky, frozen grapes are […]

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