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How much H2O?

The age old question “how much water should I drink?” is not an easily answered one, there are so many factors that contribute to water loss and retention, but considering our bodies are largely made up of the stuff, we really should make sure we drink enough. Most of the time we hear that 8 […]

The Flower Moon

So last night marked the May full moon, which is also know as the Flower full moon traditionally named for the time of planting in spring (For us here in the southern hemisphere its a little opposite).Its also called the hare moon, corn planting moon, and the milk moon. This particular full moon is interesting […]


You can totally SPARKLE everyday! You know those days. You get up and its a complete struggle. You feel flat, tired, uninspired, and lacking energy. The world is crap and everything bad that could happen to you, does. We all have them. The bad days. But what if everyday is like that? How do you […]

Immune boosting 101

It’s one of those days that i’m feeling REALLY under the weather. The kind of day where I just want to curl up in bed and read good books all day with lots of cups of tea. To be honest, that’s probably what i’m going to do. I don’t often get sick, usually once a […]

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