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Creating your day

I have had a very empowered and self-love fueled morning. I woke up gently, and let myself relax in bed. I had my morning coffee and read The Wellness Warriors “Make peace with your plate”. I am completly in love with this book. It is beautiful and filled with self-love. Some of the main points I got from Jess, were:

My body deserves good, nourishing food.

The path to true wellness lies with creating self love. 

There are many different factors in wellness: spiritual, emotional, and physical-all need to be looked after. 

I have been on my journey to wellness for a few years now, it has been a total lifestyle change for me. It all started with my job at a wellness centre-which was filled with beautiful people. Chiropractic, Naturopathy, and Massage have helped me to path my way to the possibility of being completely well. I am so grateful for my job-everyday I get to facilitate the journey to wellness for others. Everyday I get to hear stories of miracles from clients that have been in pain for years, who have come to us in desperation, and not only are they free of pain, they are creating wellness for themselves. A possibility which would not have been in their future originally. I LOVE MY JOB!
I also had a beautiful meditative yoga practice with the the lovely Jo Tastula-who is an online teacher. Even though I have never met Jo-I feel like I have such a great connection with her. When she does eventually get to Perth, I would love to meet her, as she has unknowingly had such a huge impact on my life.
So from this empowered morning, I have discovered what it means to create your day. Everyday we have the decision in our hands as to what kind of day we will have. Whatever the universe has in store for us, we are the ones to make the decision on how to react. So today, I have decided to have a big day-filled with things I didn’t think were possible this morning.Today, I am going to step outside my comfort zone and connect with people. I am going to listen, to be understanding, and compassionate.
This is what I have created for my day. What are yo going to create for yours?

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