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De-clutter your life

Spring for me, is my favorite time of year. Its a time of cleaning, cleansing and de-cluttering aspects of my life which are messy, or confusing. I like to start by physically de-cluttering. So this means, getting rid of things which I don’t need. I’m a compulsive collector of things, so I accumulate lots of things, many of which i never use, and don’t like after I have bought them. So yesterday, I sat down, and went through my stuff, and I have come out the end with a huge pile of stuff to sell or give to the salvo’s.

I must say, just something as simple as getting rid of old makeup, is really cleansing, its leaves lots of space for growth and change. For me, the example of makeup, goes along with how I have felt about myself in the past. I used to wear lots of makeup, to hide whatever I thought wasn’t pretty etc. But in the past year, I have made huge progress on that front, and most days I don’t really wear any! So getting rid of all the old makeup that I have been clinging on to is totally a step in the right direction. It leaves room for self love and self acceptance. By getting rid of the old make up, it means I can replace it with beautiful, organic and natural makeup which is something I have been wanting to change for a long time.

Its such a spiritual ritual to de-clutter, it makes me feel open and happy, and ready for the next year. We hold on to material items for no reason, we are only here for such a short while, and instead of caring about things that are truly important, we care about the things we have. I am making it my mission in the next year, to go back to caring about people, relationships and the community of people around me, spending my time and money on the things that are really important. And by ridding myself of unnecessary materialistic baggage, I can allow myself to be closer to people, not things.

So here is what I’m doing this month to de-clutter my life, and live a life that is much more simple and clean:
  1. De-clutter: Get rid of anything that I don’t use, don’t love, don’t want or simply don’t need. I’m going to try get to every area of my house, including all the junk drawers!
  2. Clean: This will be my big spring clean, under and around everything, from the tiles in the bathroom to the dust under the bed.
  3. Organize: Re-organize everything into more useful and sensible order. File away paper, find boxes for things, and make sure everything has a place.
  4. Go on a juice cleanse: I’m going to do a 5 day juice cleanse after exams are finished, it will be the perfect time to de-stress and cleanse my body and mind from all the emotional and physically baggage I have been keeping for the last year.
  5. Emotionally de-clutter: I am going to Margaret river for a 2 week working holiday. While I will be working down there, being away from home, friends and family will give me time and space to clear my emotions, and work on my relationship with myself. I’m looking forward to 2 weeks of yoga, beaches, bike riding and exploring new places. (Also look forward to lots and lots of photos).
I’m looking forward to planning my next year, making goals and working towards bigger and better things!
Happy de-cluttering!

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