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Feta and basil scrambled eggs

Since I have had a lack of breakfast recipe posts, I thought I would create this lovely version of regular scrambled eggs. Its the perfect Sunday morning breakfast, served with a piece of fresh sourdough bread!


4-6 eggs
1/2 cup milk (cows, almond, rice)
Large handful of basil
100g Feta, chopped
Salt and pepper to taste
Coconut oil

Add coconut oil to fry pan and heat to medium-high. In a bowl, beat eggs, and add milk. Mix until combined, then add salt and pepper and mix again. Pour mix into pre-heated fry pan and leave to heat for a few minutes, then use spatula to move egg mix around in the pan. Don’t mix consistently, let the egg cook at the bottom, then move mix around until its almost cooked. Meanwhile, chop basil and feta, then add this to the almost cooked eggs. Mix more, the keep cooking until egg is fully solid. Serve on a slice of toasted sourdough with some fresh tomato.

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