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Feta, Oilve and tomato Cauliflower pizza

It was pizza night at The Wellness Plate! But that doesn’t have to mean unhealthy, fat laden, carb rich pizza. It can mean healthy and nourishing. Here’s my recipe for the BEST cauliflower pizza! Apologies about the terrible photo’s,it was night so…bad lighting 🙁

1 head cauliflower
1/2 cup chickpea flour
1 egg
1 garlic clove, smashed
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp dried oregano
salt and pepper to taste

2 tbsp olive tapanade
1 large capsicum, chopped
4 large mushrooms, chopped
2 tbsp sun dried tomatoes
2 tbsp fresh cherry tomatoes
80 g feta, crumbled
Fresh basil leaves to serve

Break the cauliflower into small pieces, and process in a food processor until fine. Put into a large bowl and microwave for around 5 minutes (depending on your microwave). Cool, then strain through a piece of mesh, or a nut milk bag, until most of the water has been removed. Add egg, chickpea flour, garlic, and spices, and mix until combined. Press onto a pizza dish or baking tray and bake at 180 degree until firm.

Roast capsicum and mushroom with a small amount of olive oil while making the base. Once base is done, spread the olive tapanade over the base. Add all other toppings to the base (except basil), then bake at 180 degrees for about 10 minutes. Remove from oven, and allow to cool. Serve with fresh basil leaves.

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