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Five Friday favourites #1

I’ve decided to do a new blog segment called ‘Five Friday favourites’ where I do a quick roundup of my weekly favourite things from the interwebs.

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1. Mercury retrograde.

Mercury does crazy things and appears to be going backwards, its not but it does have an effect on people. It’s been playing havoc with my ability to communicate, and being a Gemini and ruled by mercury, I have had a huge reaction to this particular mercury retrograde. I can’t seem to get words out, and my brain has been abnormally fuzzy. Gala darling gives a fantastic overview of this crazy phenomenon.

2. Fresca natural deodorants.

Ever since my nana and aunt were diagnosed with breast cancer, I have stopped using natural deodorants free from all the nasties. But this has meant I have tried most of the available brands of natural deodorant in search of one the ACTUALLY works. I love the Fresca range of deodorants, they have lovely scents, and stop the smell. You can get yours from Peachy Clean, or any other health food store.

3. The live lighter campaign. 

It’s been popping up everywhere. And I’m so happy they are doing a big health push here in WA, its totally on the right track, and I hope people are paying attention to the messages. My favourite message is ‘sugary beverages cause toxic fat’. In one of my units at uni I will be doing a small study on the effects of the live lighter campaign, which i’m really looking forward too! Have you noticed the campaign? Do you pay attention to the messages? If you are wanting more info, see the live lighter website. There is even a push for restaurants to revamp their kids menus from chicken nuggets and chips, to nourishing healthy foods.

Image: Eat drink paleo

4. Granola. 

I made it for the first time this week, and golly gosh its amazing! I’m totally addicted, and it makes for a fantastic breakfast. Its basically a muesli/nut/seed/fruit mix that is covered in coconut oil and honey, then baked. I like to keep mine in the fridge, so it stays crunchy! Here’s my top 3 picks for granola recipes:

The healthy chef:
Eat drink paleo:
I quit sugar (Sarah Wilson):

5.Emma and toms life bars.

These babies are amazing, and the ingredients list is super short! My favourite is the cacao and coconut, which is simply:  Dates, raw cashews, raisins, coconut, cacao powder. I love to take them to uni with me, as its a convenient, healthy, easy, simple, nutritious and tasty snack to have to help furl my brain and nourish my body. You can grab yourself some here: 

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