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Five Friday favourites #2

1. Food that magically regrows itself.

I love this, its basically free food. Ok, so you do have to wait for it to grow, but the idea is so great! I might try it with some green onions, they look pretty easy! And I’m amazed at how many foods you can do this with. I’d also love to try the mushrooms and the pineapple!

Find the full article here:

2. Farmers markets

I visited my closest farmers market last weekend, and totally loved it! It’s just such a pity its a 25 minute drive away. I love the community atmosphere, getting to know the farmers and stall owners. Plus you know the produce you are getting is good quality, local and fresh. I was also lucky enough to pick up some raw honey, figs, and a gorgeous loaf of sunflower and rye sourdough!

If you are in aus, there is a great farmers market directory here:

3. Zing anything drink bottles

My Naturopath has the most amazing drink bottle the other day when I visited her, it was a bottle that had its own citrus squeezer in the bottom, so you could add lemon to your bottle easily. I will defiantly be purchasing one of these incredible Zing anything bottles, they are such a great idea! I also love the other style, which means you can infuse your water with anything! Think of all the possibilities.

You can purchase a zing anything bottle here:

4. Yahava Coffee

While in Margaret River last year, me and Cam were lucky enough to do a coffee tasting at Yahava coffee. When we got back we decided to switch to Yahava and proceeded to try every single one of their blends in the months since then. We have finally settled on our favourite blend: Kahava. It was also announced this week that Yahava is Perth’s best coffee. 

5. Eating less sugar

I haven’t had white sugar in years, and I actively try to reduce my consumption of sugar. Of course I still consume some forms of sugar-mostly honey and coconut sugar. But reading this article reminded me that regardless of how the sugar is branded and marketed, sugar is sugar, and it still gets broken down into glucose. There are lots of negative health implications of consuming large amounts of sugar, including increasing blood pressure, and obesity. Personally I think the WORST is the sugar found in sugary beverages.

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