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Five Friday favourites #3

Hey all!

Its been a slow week here on The Wellness Plate, I have been incredibly busy with work and Uni! Alas, that’s no excuse for a lack of posts 🙂 So here is my roundup of Five of my favourite things from this week.

1. This article about the 11 most destructive nutrition lies ever told. There have been so many nutrition myths told in the past, much of it is misinformation and a lack of research. Some of it is marketing hype or media lies. Anyhow, all of it is destructive and have caused a significant change in the way we eat. Take the eggs myth for example. Eggs are a great source of B vitamins, Vitamin D, E and many of the Minerals. Eggs are also a fantastic protein source, which is great for keeping us feeling full for long.

The other one which has had a huge impact on our diets is the myth about grains. Grains such as wheat are cheap and keep us from feeling hungry, however they are pretty low in nutrients, and as a society we have become so dependent on them. The agricultural revolution has only happened recently, and has been associated with all sorts of health problems, including intestinal damage, bloating, and pain.

Find the full article here:

2. Julie and Julia. After telling someone about my blog and how much I love food, nutrition and cooking, they recommended I watch Julie and Julia. Its a brilliant movie about the stories of two individuals,w hos love of cooking intertwines their stories. Its the life story of Cooking legend Julia Childs, as she learns and develops her passion of food and cooking into an incredible cook book. The story of Julia Powell begins with the goal to cook her way through this very book, and of course, blog about it.

I absolutely loved the movie, especially Meryl Streep-She was totally brilliant. And although isn’t about healthy food, it does portray my love of cooking none-the-less. It reminds me of the way my nana used to cook, and how she put her love for people in the food she cooked.

3. Teresa Cuttter: The Healthy Chef’s recipes. This week alone I have made her Chilli Con Carne, Green pea and Spinach risotto, Massaman curry, Classic tomato soup, and Granola. I would LOVE to one day have as many wonderful recipes as she does! Its such an inspiration to have so many really great healthy recipes available. if you haven’t been over to her website yet, I urge you to! You can find her at:

4. Volunteering abroad. As I’m getting to the end of my Nutrition degree, I have decided that it would be great to get some international Nutrition experience, and I have found a great organisation that does just that. The project is in Peru in a place called Urumbamba, and kids there are at high risk of being undernourished. So I’m hoping to get there at the end of this year over the summer break. For more info:

5. Simple acts of Kindness. Its such a beautiful thing when another human being does something completely selfless for another human. And I realised the other day that I have been doing alot of the receiving and not much of the giving of these simple little acts. My goal for the next week is to do one kind thing a day. Yesterday I did the warm drink rounds at work, and offered everyone a hot drink. Such a simple thing that made someone else’s day. Peppermint tea for all!

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