The 3 day Reboot Ebook


Do you struggle with healthy eating? Are you on a budget and can’t find healthy recipes to suit your food budget? Do you feel like your diet could do with a good kick up the bum? Are you a human beingwho needs food to survive?  If you answered YES to any of the above, then the 3 day Reboot is for you! The 3 day Reboot is your easy-peasy quick plan to get your diet back on track. Whether you have just come back form an indulgent holiday, are stuck in a rut, or are a health newbie, this Ebook is for everyone! 


The 3 day Reboot is for everyone! The recipes are basic and easy to make, as well as being full of flavour, budget-friendly, gluten free and super healthy! The recipes are a great way to introduce new and exciting healthy foods into your everyday life. 


I will guide you step by step through the process, making your 3 day Reboot fuss free! 


Here’s what you will find in the 3 day Reboot:

+A full shopping list of everything you will need during the 3 day Reboot

+A detailed instruction guide to help you through the entire 3 days

+A mouth watering 3 day menu for you to be inspired by food again

+13 BRAND NEW nourishing, healthy, gluten free and budget-friendly recipes for you to enjoy

+Gorgeous colourful photo’s of every recipe

+Your food feelings journal, to help you keep track of your feelings, thoughts, goals, slip-ups and successes throughout the 3 days

+A list of resources to help you carry on with your healthy eating habits


A sneaky peek of what the 3 day Reboot has in store for you!



The 3 day Reboot testimonials:

TamTestimonial “My partner and I just finished the Nutrilly 3 day reboot after a holiday down to Margaret River filled with burgers, ice cream, beer and wine. The 3 day reboot was perfect! The food was filling and delicious; the recipes were so simple and easy to make with the majority of the ingredients (except perishables) in the pantry already! Some of the recipes (like the chilli con carne and chickpea burgers) have now become a weekly staple Highly recommended!.”




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