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Go green for goodness sake

One of my new favorite loves are green smoothies. I know, they have been around for ages, surely i’m on the bandwagon already? Well, yes and no. I had tried them a long time ago, but found them not very tasty. Its a hard thing to get right, especially if you are adding super foods like spirulina and chorella to your smoothie. They usually taste like a mix of grass and green algae. Not the nicest way to start your day.

Luckily, I found the Green Smoothie co. They have already done the hard work of formulating the perfect balance of super foods to add into your smoothie. They have created tiny single serves of super foods, in these gorgeous little easy travel packets. And its so easy to just grab one, add a few pieces of fruit and veggies, add your liquid, whizz up, and hey presto! You have a healthy, nutritious, fun smoothie to start your morning, or as a perfect snack during the day!

And on the front of tastiness-they have got it 100% perfect! I haven’t tried all their flavors, but the green is good is amazing. I never thought I would say that I actually LIKE green smoothies. The Green Smoothie Co have also made them very affordable, at $15 for a 5 pack. That’s less than the price you would pay for a few smoothies out on the run, or a few coffee’s.

Using the ‘green is good’ sachet, I created this amazing ‘Juicie’ a hybrid green juice/green smoothie:

2 Apples
1 small cucumber
1/2 head kale
1 lime
1 Handful spinach
1/2 cup grapes
1 green is good sachet

Juice the apples, cucumber, kale and lime. Then add juice to blender, as well as remainder of ingredients. Blend until combined and enjoy!

This green juicie has a HUGE amount of nutrients in it-lots of vitamin c, iron, antioxidants and the list goes on!

And, because I would LOVE you guys to be able to try their fabulous products, the gorgeous team over at the Green Smoothie Co have generously donated some to give away!

Pop over and visit them at

So all you need to do, is pop over and like their facebook page, or share this post on your facebook page!

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