Happy happy new year: Exploring my intentions and goals for 2015


Hello gorgeous souls! Welcome to 2015. Iv’e got a really good feeling about this one, its going to be an incredible year. So far the energy for me this year has been of completion, rejuvenation and exploration. I haven’t made a single resolution, because this year I will make change whenever I feel necessary, I’m going to resolve to never make a resolution again, because resolutions are made to be broken. Instead, i’m setting intention filled goals and stepping back to look at the areas of my life where i’m not happy or am feeling unsettled.

Therefore, 2015 has started with a bang, iv’e moved jobs, planned a holiday, enjoyed the company of my mum and sister, have embarked on Kayla Itsines 12 week bikini body challenge, and have really enjoyed living where I live. So often we long for a new place, or think somewhere else will be better, but we forget to explore and enjoy the place we live. My word for 2015 is therefore EXPLORE.

I was lucky enough to stumble upon the beautiful guide by Susannah Conway for Unravelling your year ahead-2015, and her 5 days to developing your 2015 word. If you are feeling a little shaky still about this year, then I urge you to go and visit her enlightening website and get on board your year with mindfulness and creativity.



There are a number of reasons EXPLORE spoke to me, firstly, in the typical sense to explore my surroundings with more open eyes and a present mind. I want to EXPLORE the city I live in (Perth) in more vivid detail, finding new nooks and crannies, and exploring places in Perth I’ve never been. I also want to EXPLORE the wider world, and discover new places overseas. I’m going to start this by a quick Bali trip in February, then next is Japan and hopefully more of Asia.

The next reason I chose EXPLORE, is to explore myself more, the person I have been, and the person I want to become. I want to discover where my true passions lie, where my weaknesses are, and what i’m afraid of. I want to push my limits this year, and EXPLORE the parts of myself I may have hidden in the past. I want to EXPLORE my personality and why I’m an incredible human being.

Another reason I chose explore is to EXPLORE my relationship with my partner. We are headed in the direction of getting engaged/married and I want to learn more about us, and how we can become a better team. With this I hope we can EXPLORE the (physical) world together through a couple of trips and weekends away. For me this is especially important as the last few years have almost solely been dedicated to study and work and I’m feeling its time for a bit of exploration!

Lastly I want to EXPLORE my spiritual and intellectual side, learning more about the world around me, whats going on and opening my mind to new and incredible opportunities. In the past I have done some pretty crazy and exciting things, and over the last few years dedicated to study, I’ve barely touched my spiritual and intellectual side (with the exception of studying nutrition and health). So i’m eager to explore that area of my life more fully.

With all of that I hope to step so far out of my comfort zone this year that I can’t even see it any more. I’m hoping to get some full on life experience and wisdom during 2015, facing my fears, living life to the full and being awesome! So Namaste everyone, I hope your year is as insightful, exciting, and beautiful as mine will be.

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