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Healthy little treats

One of my good friends was asking about healthy treats, and I figured hey that would make a great blog post (This is how most of my thinking goes now). So I give you a mini collection of some of my favourite healthy treats.ย 

I Think the thing to remember with treats, even healthy treats, is that they will never contain all the goodness fruit and veggies will, so make sure you keep them as a treat, rather than replacing the good stuff in your diet ๐Ÿ™‚

Minty green chocolate cream bars

These took a little prep time, but I did totally fool my other half’s family that it was a “mint chocolate cheesecake” and they all ate it happily, until I told them there was avocado and banana in it! They said they totally couldn’t taste anything ๐Ÿ™‚ I did alter the recipe a little bit (I didn’t have any maca, lucuma of green super food powder on hand, so I just omitted them).

White raw chocolate

These are incredible! And very very simple, I made them in about 10 minutes yesterday, and they turned out great. They are kind of biscuity and creamy, I can’t really explain it. One alteration I would make next time is adding lemon juice to them, they would go just perfect with lemon.

Chocolate Mousse

This stuff is way too good! Its rich and creamy, and honestly I can’t really tell the difference between this any processed chocolate mousse anymore. And you guessed it, more avocado!
Chocolate fudge brownies

I Love the healthy chef, she has some incredible recipe ideas, honestly I could spend all my time trialing her recipes! These brownies are very similar to some I made earlier this year, mine had red kidney beans in them however (go figure, legumes in brownies!). Which meant they had a tonne of protein in them. I have a thing about hiding veggies in yummy food, I think that its just great! Sneak a little zucchini in this cake, maybe some beetroot into this…..

Chocolate energy balls

I swear, every wellness, nutrition and recipe blog and website out there now has some kind of recipe for cacao bliss balls. I haven’t formulated my own yet (I’m sure ill get there), but here is one very similar to the one I make. To be honest, you can’t go too wrong with these, Just add a bunch of stuff together, and refrigerate! As long as you have a base of dates (or other sweetener), coconut oil, and nuts, you can trial all sorts of different flavours. I’m keen on trying a “cherry ripe” kind….maybe ill leave that for another post ๐Ÿ™‚

These are just a few of the healthy treats I enjoy, there are too many out there to name, but just find some that you like and get creative with them ๐Ÿ™‚

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