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How to pack a healthy lunchbox

Today I did my first talk out in the community! It was totally nerve wracking, but it was amazing to educate and inspire people to lead happier, healthier lives. The talk was to a small group of parents on packing a healthy lunchbox. I really enjoyed the whole process, and I actually cant wait to do more!

I’m planning on doing another talk in January, just in time for school going back. In the meanwhile, here are my top tips, resources and ideas for packing your child’s healthy lunchbox:

  • Get your kids involved in preparing their own lunchboxes-In a few years, they might do the whole thing themselves!
  • Get kids to make some choices in their lunchbox, take them shopping and ask them to choose a fruit they would like. Get them to pick “5 of the biggest ones”.
  • Prepare your meals and plan what you will have. Make extra dinner meals so you can include leftovers in your child’s lunchbox.
  • Buy in bulk, and split into smaller portions. This will save you money and time during the week.
  • Always check what’s in the food you are buying, find out if there is a better alternative. Use the Foodswitch app when in doubt.
  • Talk to other parents, if you are having trouble, someone else has probably had the same issue.
  • Use colourful, exciting and fresh foods
  • Have fun with food! 

What should a healthy lunchbox look like?

·         A carbohydrate base: Sandwich with wholegrain bread, leftover brown rice with veggies, wholegrain pasta with tomatoes and chopped veggies, Mini wheat breakfast cereal as a snack, wholegrain crackers with hummus.
·         A lean protein: A boiled egg, Chicken breast in the sandwich, Meatballs leftover from dinner, tinned tuna in a pasta salad
·         A dairy product: A small portion of cheese in the sandwich, a container of natural yoghurt with fruit, cottage cheese or ricotta with veggie sticks
·         A piece of fruit: A small apple, pear, banana, grapes, strawberries, apricot, watermelon-Use whatever is in season!
·         Lots of veggies: Pack as many veggies as you can into your child’s lunchbox! Include veggies sticks, veggies in the sandwich, mini veggie kebabs, Broccoli pieces, mashed pumpkin in a container, baked veggies, and vegetable frittata.
·         WATER! Freeze in summer to keep the lunchbox cool
I need more help, where can I go?
Apps: There are so many great apps out there, these are just a few I really like that can be great resources for kids lunchboxes, especially the foodswitch app, get kids to help choose healthier options when shopping!
·         Foodswitch
·         The whole pantry
·         52 lunches

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