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You can totally SPARKLE everyday! You know those days. You get up and its a complete struggle. You feel flat, tired, uninspired, and lacking energy. The world is crap and everything bad that could happen to you, does.

We all have them. The bad days. But what if everyday is like that? How do you move out of this kind of spiral of depression and self hate? The answer is….well not that simple, its a process, and it takes time. But you can absolutely change your mindset. I doubt myself every single day. I doubt whether or not anyone reads anything I write. I doubt my knowledge. And of course I have self-confidence issues. But I try not to let it get in the way of my mood. Because you know what? A bad day doesn’t mean a bad life. 

My trick is to get my brain thinking differently. Its been a long process, but for me a few deep breaths and positive affirmations can turn my negative thoughts into a great situation.

So I want you to try this: Focus on whatever negative thought you are having right now. Now imagine a box. What I want you to do is imagine that the negative thought is a rock. Put the rock into the box. Now put the box on a shelf. Then close the door. Your mind is now open and ready for the flow of positive thoughts. 

When I went searching, I found a tonne of articles on “how to turn your bad day around”. You could try all of these things. But for someone who is depressed, and has been in the cycle of negative thought for a long time, simply ‘having a shower’ isn’t going to cut it. I could write a list of all the things that you could try to get positive, but honestly, training your brain isn’t that easy.

What I would LOVE you to do instead is write your own list. Write down all the things that make you happy. Or even just slightly happy. Or the things which amuse you. Or the things that make you laugh. Then, I want you to DO ONE HAPPY THING EVERYDAY! It seems silly, and too simple, but by slowly getting your brain used to being happy, you can teach it to be in that state all the time.

You could use Instagram to do the #100happydays challenge, where you take a pic of something that makes you happy everyday. It seems simple, but by actively thinking of something that creates happiness, you are changing your state of mind.

Image from: http://evelynmoliveira.blogspot.com.au/2011/01/believe-in-love.html

Better yet, make yourself a Happy toolkit. This is a set of stuff that will help you to change your state of mind.

  • Go back to your list. Get pictures of the things that make you happy, and start compiling a happy book. Write why each of these things makes you happy.
  • Make a collage of pretty things, happy thing, cute things and other stuff you like. Even if it doesn’t specifically make you happy, the simple act of being creative will get you back to your glue-loving 5 year old self. 
  • Get some crystals. Use them to focus on positive affirmations.
  • Make some affirmation cards. Use these while taking deep breaths to switch how you are feeling. 
  • Your favourite yoga poses: write them down, print out pictures, then when you are feeling down, do the downward dog!
  •  A playlist of your favourite songs, or the songs that make you happy. Listen to it, sing to it, dance around the room to it. 
  • Trinkets: these can be literally any small object that brings you hapiness or happy memories. I have a box full of these and whenever i’m feeling blue, I pull them out and start reliving awesome times. 
  •  Your favourite recipe. In times of sadness and un-sparklyness get into the kitchen and whip up something yummy. For me it’s these Cherry Ripe Truffles
  • Tissues and chocolate. Sometimes, you can’t change your mindset. Sometimes you need to cry. This is ok, you don’t need to hold it in. Let it all out. Then, when you are done, eat some chocolate.

Whatever you need to do to get your sparkle back-do that. It takes time, but you can totally sparkle EVERY SINGLE DAY!

In saying all of this, I did find this great article by Tiny Buddha: http://tinybuddha.com/blog/10-ways-to-let-go-and-overcome-a-bad-mood/

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