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I love my garden

I have made a goal to grow the majority of my own food. There is something wonderful about spending time with the earth, growing food, and then being able to nourish your body with beautiful, nutritious food. Once uni is finished for the semester, I plan on creating a few raised garden beds in my backyard, as well as developing a compost bin, and possibly a worm farm.

Currently I have a few select plants growing in pots by my front door, Mostly herbs, tomatoes, capsicum and beetroot. I took a couple of pictures because I love them so much!

Growing your own food, is like growing your own money, The more you grow, the less you have to spend on food, its really a win win. Plus spending time outside creating a connection with the earth is a great way to de-stress and have time for yourself. We create so much clutter in our lives, both physically and emotionally. Letting yourself be one with nature, and getting outside can help you to let go of that emotional clutter.
Even if you just grow a few herbs, let yourself spend time outside, planting and getting dirty.
Britt xx

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