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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas


I’m getting really excited because Christmas is just around the corner, and exams are all over, which means I’m on holidays for 3 months! And for you guys, that means lots and lots and lots of blog posts full of recipes, nutrition information and cool stuff!

I’ve started thinking about Christmas shopping, and what I’m going to buy for my friends and family! I don’t agree too much with the hype and pressure that is placed on families this time of year, like spending hundreds of dollars on plastic toys that kids will play with for a few weeks. And I really don’t like the shopping centers this time of year (or the rest of the year really). The stores all entice us to feel guilty if we don’t buy everything for everyone, its really awful, and doesn’t bode well with my values.

So this year, I’m not buying many presents, and when I do, ill buy them online, and really think hard about what I’m buying, where it came from, who made it, what am I supporting, and if the gift is the right thing for that person. I think online shopping has really allowed us to buy really great gifts after researching and finding something perfect. As much as I can this year I will be making all my gifts. I’m hoping to make a whole bunch of jams and chutneys, as well as some DIY crafty things.

Here are my top 6 gift ideas for this year if you are going to buy gifts:

  • Books: There are some really great books out there especially from some really amazing people, which are inspiring you to lead a healthy and inspired life!
  • Organic Beauty products: There is something lovely about buying people things they wouldn’t buy for themselves, giving them the gift to love and accept themselves and their body.
Organic Beauty products
  • Cooking utensils: Having good quality cooking utensils is vital for anyone who wants to cook good quality food.
    Cooking utensils Christmas list
  • Stationery: Being organised is one of my top priorities, and buy giving your loved ones the tools they need to be organised, you are giving them the time and space to create beautiful lives.
Stationery Christmas List



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