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Live below the line: The review

Day 1:

So far, its been smooth sailing, although breakfast was a bit disappointing. Note to self-plain oats with pear and cinnamon sounds nice, but in reality, it still tastes like cardboard. 
For snacks I had a simple carrot and garlic soup, and raw carrot sticks. I also didn’t eat all the oats for breakfast, so I popped them in the oven for a baked pear and cinnamon crumble (again not so successful, it needs sugar-why did I not think of sugar!). 
Lunch was a nice big bowl of fried rice, with zucchini, garlic, onion and carrot. Luckily, lunch saved me and was really nice! 
Dinner was lentil dal with rice and one piece of flat bread. This was super yummy, and I’m so glad I have the garlic for flavoring everything! 
After my meal prep on Sunday, I have revised my meal plan:

$10 total
Day 1
Oats with grated pear and cinnamon
Fried rice with chicken, zucchini, carrot and fresh herbs
Chickpea and pumpkin curry with rice
Bone broth, carrot, carrot and garlic soup, Baked oat, pear and cinnamon crumble
Day 2
Toasted oats with stewed pear and cinnamon
Pumpkin, chicken and rice patties with roast potato wedges
Roast pumpkin with sautéed potato, zucchini and onion
Bone broth, baked potato, carrots, Pumpkin seeds
Day 3
Veggie hash with carrot, pumpkin, zucchini and tomato
Fried rice with chicken, zucchini, carrot and fresh herbs
Lentil dal with flatbread
Bone broth, carrots, carrot and garlic soup
Day 4
Oats with grated pear and cinnamon
Pumpkin, chicken and rice patties with roast potato wedges
Chickpea and pumpkin curry with rice
Bone broth, flatbread, carrots, Pumpkin seeds
Day 5
Oats with grated pear and cinnamon
Pumpkin, chicken and rice patties with roast potato wedges
Lentil dal with flatbread
Bone broth, carrots, baked potato


Might end up changing it again, depending on how it goes. 
The recipes I used as inspiration can be found here:
Pumpkin, chicken and rice patties
Chickpea and pumpkin curry
Lentil dal
Flatbread (Except no yoghurt-I will replace with water)
Bone broth
Pumpkin seeds
Of course, I didn’t make them exactly the same as I didn’t have all the ingredients, I only used what was on my shopping list. 

Day 2:

Today was HARD. I was at uni all day, and I had such little energy, that I don’t think I spoke to anyone all day. I swapped around breakfast today, and I had toasted oats with stewed pear and cinnamon. It was slightly better than day 1, but still not great. Lunch was ok, I had to have it on the go, so it was cold, but not too bad. I was hungry by the time I got home, so I had some bone broth, and roasted my veggies. Dinner was great, but not very filling, I was hungry again by about 8.30. 

Day 3: 
Due to all my hard work over the last few days, I treated myself to a big veggie hash this morning. It filled me up until about 11, which was great! Again fried rice was nice, but a little bland-it really could have done with some salt (must remember that for next year). The flat bread I made to go with the dal tonight was actually really yummy, and I’m glad I included it. 
Day 4: 
I have caved and decided to sub out 2 potatoes, and sub in 2 Tbsp of sugar, I just couldn’t handle another day of plain oats. On the bright side, breakfast was actually nice today. The best way to do the oats is by grating the pear and adding the cinnamon and sugar, then stewing that with some water, and adding the oats when that’s cooked and letting it cook for a few minutes. 
Day 5: 
I’m so glad ts the last day today, however I accidentally burnt my roast veggies today (I had a few carrots leftover so I roasted them with the potato). I can’t wait for tomorrow and all the coffee I will drink, I also looking forward to some chocolate and maybe eggs. Its been an emotional roller coaster, I’ve been hungry, tired and grumpy, and I still have to carry on. 


Live below the line has taught me the value of food and nutrition, and how truly lucky we are to be able to afford nourishing food. It was such an incredible experience, I honestly think everyone should do it during their life. We have so many emotions tied to food, I was all over the place during the last week, but for me, it has an end date, for millions around the world poverty has no end. Today I eat with a grateful heart, and the will to improve the circumstances for those living in poverty. Thank you to everyone who supported me during this last week, and to everyone who donated.


Total amount raised: $261
Goal: $300
Next year: $500

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