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Live below the line

One of my good friends is going to East Timour for 10 months to volunteer, and as part of her experiences she is living below the line for a week. She has inspired me to sign up for the live below the line campaign in May this year. What it means is that for 5 days, I will be living on $2 a day (AU$). Now, I’m lucky because I have studied nutrition, and I expect my week will consist of rice, veggies and eggs. But for people living below the poverty line, they often don’t have the luxury of nutrition education.

What I would LOVE for you to do, is join me, to spread the word about poverty, and what that actually means for people living below the line. I absolutely take for granted that I can spend $150 a week on food, but so many people just don’t have enough money to get adequate nutrition. As an (almost) nutritionist, I feel that it is my responsibility to be a voice for these people.
This is what others have lived on for a week doing the live below the line challenge: (this one is for 4 people)
So, it would be great if you can donate, even if its only a tiny amount, or even better, jump on the wagon and do the challenge yourself.
Donate to the cause here:

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