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Manifesting dreams: Creating a vision board

I recently finished my vision board while having a pretty lame sick day. It was a day full of bed, rest, tea and vitamin c. But I decided that there was no better time to sit down with my scissors and glue, and a couple of great mags, and complete my vision board. Its been sitting unfinished for 6 months, and maybe that has been why I’ve been feeling a little incomplete with my goals and dreams. I’ve been feeling like I’m not any closer to my dream of becoming a dietitian, and that I have no idea where I’m headed or what I’m supposed to be doing. But after completing my vision board, I feel slightly enlightened to stand back and look at what its telling me. 
I’ve noticed that I pick lots of pictures of food, inspiring big words, images of community, travel pictures, active lifestyle, natural products, and yoga. This all combined together helped me realised that I’m on exactly the path I need to be on. I’m heading towards and incredible career as a dietitian, inspiring and helping others, while contributing to the community. 
Dreams I’m manifesting and creating:

  1. Becoming a successful and inspiring dietitian
  2. Having a healthy food cafe/health food store
  3. Educating and empowering people to lead healthier lives (Becoming a wellness coach)
  4. Being part of developing my own community (starting a farmers market and community garden)
  5. Travelling to far off exotic lands to explore other cultures and envelop myself in human societies
  6. Own a beautiful home surrounded by trees and be able to grow my own food
  7. Collect lots of gorgeous antique furniture (because its always got a great history and story behind it)
  8. Becoming a practising yoga instructor
  9. Create a recipe book full of nourishing healthy food for humans
  10. Getting married to the love of my life
So if you haven’t already made your own vision board, get to it and start making your dreams happen!

How to create a vision board (watermelon style):

What dreams are you manifesting at the moment? I would LOVE to hear below! Sharing them and asking the universe for them will help you make your dreams happen. 


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