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Movie Monday: Forks over knives

Hi Guys!

Apologies for the short break, it was a hectic week at uni! Next time that happens ill let you know and schedule blog posts 🙂

So for movie Monday, I thought I would share with you a movie I got recommended to watch by my amazing Naturopath, Its called forks over knives. Now it is a paid documentary, but I absolutely recommend it! It talks about the research behind vegetarianism and eating a plant based diet. It focuses on the aspects of eating a low fat, whole food plan based diet to target a number of growing chronic diseases. If I was ever closest to going full vegetarian it would be after watching this, it really is such an eye opener.

Here is the trailer:

I hope you enjoy, honestly it is worth every dollar! Educate yourself about what you are eating and why you are eating it. There is a whole raft of knowledge out there, and really food is about what works for you and your body.
Happy Monday peeps!


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