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Movie Monday: The truth about Food

Good morning! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend, I had a lovely relaxing Sunday which was well needed after my big assignment was due last Thursday-Glad that ones over.

One of the things I did over the weekend to relax was watch a few food docos, one of the ones I found was a series of 6 docos for BBC on the truth about food. They do a bunch of studies (None of which appeared particularly scientific) however were very interesting. My favorite study was getting 10 or so overweight, middle aged British people who are used to eating “bangers and mash” for most of their meals, to spend 10 days eating a completely raw food diet. They all lost weight, and reduced their cholesterol.

This is  perfect example of people that would really benefit from a raw food diet. My only concern is that they weren’t eating enough protein or healthy fats. They could have added in some lean protein, nuts, healthy oils, fish, seeds and legumes to make this a perfectly healthy diet.

Here’s the doco:

What’s going on my plate this week? Well i’ll be starting on the 8 week health and wellness challenge from Karrinyup Wellness Centre, Getting a few Nutrition assignments out of the way, doing plenty of yoga through the week to get myself emotionally ready for the coming few weeks, as well as prepping some really exciting new recipes for you guys to try, not to mention a few healthy eating tips sprinkled throughout!
Tomorrow ill post the outline of the 8 week challenge, feel free to follow on, this time of year is perfect to reboot you body into its most healthy state.


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