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My 6 week wellness challenge

Hi Wellness lovelies!

There has been a bit of a break here on The Wellness Plate, My life has been busy with exams and Birthday fun. Finally its the Uni break (I’ve got 6 weeks off yippee!) and so Iv’e decided that its time to do a complete health overhaul. My health has slacked quite a bit over the past month, and I’m feeling low, groggy and emotional. But that’s all about to change. There are a few things I will be doing over the next 6 weeks, these include:

  • The I Quit Sugar 8 week challenge

I’m really excited about this one, me and a good friend are doing it together, and although I don’t have a big sweet tooth, its’ going to be helpful to really be aware of what I’m eating again, and generally restarting my health. I love the program because its so easy to do-They give you all your meal plans and shopping lists, which is such a great time saver. Iv’e had to jump in on week 2 because I missed last week due to exams-But so far the meals are amazing!

  • The #Sheisradiant 6 week wellness adventure from Claire Baker (This is lifeblood)

I was lucky enough to grab an early bird copy of Claire’s gorgeous new ebook. Its full of soul filled life changing knowledge, and its going to be a great base to help remind myself why I love my body, and why I love being healthy. Claire has created a book with love oozing from every single page. Its got life lessons every week, as well as recipes, affirmations and lots of other wellness tips and tricks. Plus its gorgeously designed and super easy to read. 

  • The 21 day Meditation challenge from Claire Obeid (The Wellness Project) 

I discovered this challenge a week ago, so I’m already up to day 5, but gosh its fantastic! Everyday you get a new mini meditation delivered to your inbox, then all you need to do is plug in your headphones and go! They have been incredibly empowering so far, and I’m thriving on being more present and aware everyday. 
Today is the last day to sign up however, so you better get in quick!
  • I’m tracking my progress using a few different apps:


Iv’e been using this one for a few years now, but its still an old fav. Its super easy to use, and its great for walking, running and cycling. I’m hoping to get in 3 runs/walks everyday for the next 6 weeks and this is how ill be tracking everything. If you want to join me and start running/walking my username is bsmi109. 


I don’t usually advocate tracking meals and counting kilojoules, however during the next 6 weeks ill be doing the I Quit Sugar program, so its going to be really interesting seeing what my nutrition is like. Plus i’m really hoping to get some good habits going, and I know by tracking my food intake ill be more aware of what i’m eating. Again, if you would like to join me my username is bsmi109. 


This is a recent find of mine, but its a gorgeous app for tracking reproductive health. Being aware of your reproductive health is just as important as the rest of your health, I am a total advocate for whole body wellness, so this is a great way to be more aware of your own body. It lets you track everything from periods, mood, temperature, and supplements/medications. Its a great addition to your health tracking-Plus its a really pretty app. They even give you little health tips everyday-honestly the best app of its kind that I have found. 


This one is a photo based weight tracker. Again I don’t usually advocate keeping track of your weight, during the next 6 weeks I will be, so I can get on top of some bad habits and kick start my health and wellness again. This app is beautifully designed, and has lots of great functions like adding goals, photos, and calculating your ideal weight (based on BMI). Ill be using this predominantly to track my photo progress during the next 6 weeks. 

So, I would LOVE for you to join me over the next 6 weeks to reboot your health and wellness. Use the hashtag #TWP6weekwellness-I look forward to seeing all your posts, photos and updates on how you are  going!

What are you planning on doing over the next 6 weeks to reboot your health? I would LOVE to hear your comments below!

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