My goal is to help as many people as possible lead healthier and happier lives through nutrition, and that is the reason I have started Nutrilly Nutrition. For most people, food creates stress, anxiety and fear, because we don’t understand how food affects our body, its a case of ‘i’ll eat whatever I want because healthy food is gross/expensive/hard to make/rabbit food/too green’, honestly I’ve heard every reason under the sun why people don’t eat healthy and why they continue to choose takeout, packaged, processed and junk food.

I want to help you realise just how tasty, nutritious, good for you and incredibly healthy food can be. Personally I don’t like to label food as “good” or “bad” food, really its all food, and in moderation, all food is fine. The issues arise when we eat too much of one type of food, this includes vegetables (for example, if we don’t get enough healthy fats and protein, we could be in serious trouble!). Therefore, my philosophy about food is simple-I don’t exclude anything; if I want ice cream, ill have ice cream, however I know that the majority of my diet will be whole foods, full of vegetables, wholegrain, lean protein, healthy fats, fruit, nuts and seeds.

Healthy eating isn’t hard, its really cheap, it’s tasty and it will make you feel like a million bucks! Get started with a few of my recipes; why not try the zucchini and corn fritters, or the paprika spiced sweet potato and ham salad, what about my coconut and cherry chia pudding for breakfast, or for a hearty and tasty dinner try my beef and mushroom shepherds pie. You will always find a new and inspiring healthy recipe here at Nutrilly Nutrition, and I will always endevour to put the allergy and intolerance info on each recipe for those with special dietary needs.




You could check out my meal plans, to get you started on a week of healthy eating. I have plans for whole healthy foods, vegetarians, budget friendly, gluten free and family meals. Go check them out over here. I’ve also covered a number of nutrition topics from A-Z so you can easily find the answers you are looking for. And if you can’t find the answer there, you can always send me an email at [email protected]

As soon as I graduate and am an official Nutritionist, I will be doing online Nutrition consults, so if you are in need of a more personalized plan, and individualized Nutrition advice, then ill be here to help! Keep an eye on the contact me page for updates!


If you are a parent in need of some inspiration and ideas as to what to out in your kids lunchboxes, then I have developed the perfect guide for you. Its a mini ‘Packing a school lunchbox guide’ and its full of menu ideas, recipes and lunchbox anatomy to get your kids lunchboxes in tip top shape before school starts. Get the FREE guide here.


Finally, if you are after some no-nonsense nutrition information and education, then look no further than my back to basics guides. These short articles give you the best, basic nutrition information, that is backed by research and science and will give you the best knowledge possible so you can critically think about what the media is telling us about food. I will be adding more back to basics guide in the months coming, and hopefully will also have a set of cool vids to help you understand the complex world of nutrition.

Back to basics

So, with all that, I hope that you can find something here that will inspire, enlighten, educate or simply get your taste buds moving. Welcome to Nutrilly Nutrition!

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