Nutrition doesn’t need to be complicated. But for most people, food creates stress, anxiety and fear, because there is a huge amount of misinformation out there, from some very unqualified people. For reference, I’ve been studying for 5+ years – it takes a minimum of 5 years university education to become a dietitian in Australia. Thats why, if you need individualised, personalised, and evidence based nutrition information, see a dietitian. 

There are a few basic things that you need to know about food, if we are starting right at the basics. Here are my ‘No Nonsense Nutrition’ guides:

  • The five food groups
  • Macros for beginners
  • The BEST “diet”
  • Carbohydrates
  • Intuitive eating

These short articles give you the best, basic nutrition information, that is backed by research and science and will give you the best knowledge possible so you can critically think about what the media is telling us about food.

You will find no diets here, no focus on weight, no meals plans, and no food shaming. I enjoy a huge variety of foods, that are based on my preferences, hunger, likes, and nutrition. Personally I don’t like to label food as “good” or “bad” food, really its all food, and in moderation, all food is fine. The issues arise when we eat too much of one type of food, this includes vegetables (for example, if we don’t get enough healthy fats and protein, we could be in serious trouble!). Therefore, my philosophy about food is simple-I don’t exclude anything; if I want ice cream, ill have ice cream, however I know that the majority of my diet will be whole foods, full of vegetables, wholegrain, lean protein, healthy fats, fruit, nuts and seeds.

For some inspiration, get started with a few of my recipes. Why not try the zucchini and corn fritters, or the paprika spiced sweet potato and ham salad, what about my coconut and cherry chia pudding for breakfast, or for a hearty and tasty dinner try my beef and mushroom shepherds pie. I will always add allergy and intolerance info on each recipe for those with special dietary needs.

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