The Nutrilly Bookshelf

There are so many great books and Ebooks out there now! This is just a little list I’ve put together of my personal faves!

  • Optimal health the Paleo Way: By Claire Yates
  • I Quit Sugar: By Sarah Wilson
  • The 20/20 diet cookbook: By Lola Berry
  • Food Matters: By Mark Bittman
  • Move. Nourish. Believe: By Lorna Jane Clarkson
  • You are what you eat: By Gillian McKeith
  • Treasure Yourself: By Miranda Kerr
  • The China Study: BY T. Colin Campbell PhD and Thomas M Campbell
  • The 80/20 diet: By Teresa Cutter
  • Very Wellness: By Val Allen
  • Get Unstuck: BY Claire Baker
  • Spirited: By Tara Bliss and Rachel Macdonald


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The_china_study 9781742613741



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