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I have something to confess. My blog writing has been coming from a place of fear and I have not been present with you. That’s right, and I feel you all have a right to know. I went along to the wellness warrior tour with Jess Ainsough last night, and it was beautiful, incredible and such a magical and inspiring evening. But one of the themes was presence.

For me, I have done a little bit of self development, and often the main theme is being present. What does that even mean? Well I discovered the meaning while I was in the middle of the New Zealand bush a few years ago. As part of a self development course I had to spend 3 days in the bush by myself. And I found that it was hard to be present with myself. The first day, I hated it, and I just wanted someone to talk to. But on the second day, I started journaling and meditating, and thinking. It was amazing what I learn about myself over those 3 days. I learn to be present with myself. To enjoy my own company.

“The only moment that exists is right now”

On another self development course, I learnt that the only moment that exists is right now. So I try to live my life by that mantra, but its a really hard thing to do. So lately I have found myself living into the future, and letting fear of the unknown dictate my actions and my writing. For this I apologize. But there is a lesson to be learnt from this, and that is that the ONE thing that helps me to be living in the present moment, is yoga and meditation.

When I woke up this morning, I felt so uninspired. I was grumpy, snappy, negative and judgmental of myself, and everyone else. I did a short 30 minute yoga session with 5 minutes of meditation, and BAM! I’m living in the now again.

So I would love you to get a couple of things from this post:
1. Are you living in the present moment, or are you stuck in the past or future?
2. Find your way to start living in the present.
3. Being present is about……?

The last question I would love for you to answer yourself. For me, living in the present means I listen to others, I am totally attentive, I enjoy each moment, I am carefree, I am happy, and I can freely love and express myself. It also means I am free of fear.

Xx Britt

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