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Seven simple snacks

While at uni today I was feeling a little peckish. That got me thinking about snacks. Which got me thinking about a new blog post. And tada, this little post was born. I also think the name of the post is really cute.

1. Frozen Grapes: When its hot and sticky, frozen grapes are the perfect way too cool down. They are sweet, cold, and full of nutrients. As a side note: also great to keep wine chilled during summer (No-one likes watery wine).
2. Lebanese cucumbers and hummus: I love the simplicity of this one, especially if you have store bought hummus on hand. Just grab a cucumber, and dig in!
3. Sweet and spicy popcorn: Ever since finding this recipe from move, nourish, believe it has been my go-to popcorn recipe. It is SUPER ADDICTIVE-this stuff is like crack. Honestly, I have to make it in half batches, because I always eat the entire bowl. Also, literally take 5 minutes to make!

4. Apple and almond butter sandwiches: Again, these are super simple-I usually take all the ingredients to work with me and make them there. You can also add yummy things like chocolate chips, dried fruit or chia seeds. Just slice apple, spread almond butter over, then sprinkle with yummy bits <3

5. Two words: Roasted Cauliflower. Honestly, when I said the popcorn was addictive, I was lying. I usually have to buy a few cauli’s to fuel my addiction. It takes almost no prep time, however you do have to wait for the cauli to cook. THE WAIT IS WORTH IT! I have little containers in my fridge for when i’m feeling peckish. I try to get mine into a salad. It never actually makes it into the salad unfortunately.

6. Kale chips: These are a little more tricky, but once you have mastered the fine art of using your oven, these babies are amazing. Of course-I cheat and leave mine in the dehydrator, but you actually can make them in the oven quite easily. A lovely lady I know called Kavisha, recently made this fab video showing you how to make them:

7. Cherry ripe truffles: Not floating my own boat, but these are amazing! If you are going to have a treat, then why not go all out with something nutritious and delicious. And they are also really simple to make (which is a bonus). Find the recipe here:
Enjoy your snacking!


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