Recently iv’e been struggling with the concept of purpose in my life. I think it coincides with my new found love for living a more simple life, by taking away the stuff and junk out of my life, I am left with the bareness of both my house and my mind. As a society we are not used to having less, we live in a consumer driven world where the constant stream of new stuff is filling any void where you may be missing something in life.

So by taking away some of the stuff out of my life (I’ve started with clothes-I’m down to around 50 items!) I feel a void creeping in. For example, yesterday I had the day off, and I spent it wandering around the house unsteady and feeling like I needed to do…something. I read a little, I watched part of a movie, I cleaned the kitchen, did the washing, then decided to get out the watercolours. Yet nothing was actually satisfying me.

By taking away the stuff I have left myself with a new space in my mind to be a little more free, but I’m just not used to it, and i’m trying to fill the space with the old stuff, it’s like i’m trying to find a new problem to solve, or maybe i’m trying to make a change. It’s difficult to just be with this new space in my mind. Just like my wardrobe-now it has space all I want to do is go out and buy more clothes because I can. But maybe the point is to just be ok with having the space.

Has anyone else discovered this when removing the “stuff” from their life?

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